GreatBitVlog 12: Linear or Open World?


Today’s Vlog is a response to a Youtube video that I found through Twitter. Mister InfectedFlinch asks the question of Linear or Open World games? In other words do you enjoy games that have a set plot and task, or do you rather what to do your own thing, explore the world, and make your own story?

Here’s Dave’s video talking about his issue with Grand Theft Auto V.

…and here’s my response…

For me it’s all to do with the game. Some open world games work, some don’t. However there’s a bit more than just open world and linear games, there’s branching stories in games too. It’s a little rare to see them. But games like The Walking Dead Season 1 and 2 is a great example of a game that tries to tell a story that’s not linear, but doesn’t go off to the beaten path.

I really liked playing the first Walking Dead game. However I still need to the play the second! I got it, but being a person with so many video games, it’s very easy to get back logged. I’ll play the second game one day. But I honestly think that Dave, the infected flinch, should buy a copy of the two Walking Dead games with the money he got selling his copy of Grand Theft Auto V.

What are you opinions? Do you prefer set linear stories and plot? Maybe you prefer to do your own thing? What Open World, or Linear games do you like and dislike? Tell me in the comments below!