Great Bit Vlog 7: A game design I made when I was 8!

popfilter copy

So I get home from work and I see some letters and parcels left on the stairs. One of which was a copy of the awesome Pengo on the Sega GameGear, now that I now possess one! However I noticed an opened letter and I thought to myself “Oh great, my mother’s been reading my letters again” to notice that the date on it was from back in 1992, and the rest made for one awesome night of childhood nostalgia!

Here are the letters and drawings that were in the opened envelope. I couldn’t get to use my Mum’s scanner, but what I did was tape the sheets down, seeing as they been folded for 22 years! Took a picture of them with my phone, then enhanced them through PhotoShop to make them more visible, you can even see the water mark used in the letterhead paper! I bet my Dad was pissed when I used this paper for these scribbles! lol!


I wonder if I’ll ever meet Mister Crim?


Super Tom and Super Eric the Super Star Brothers! lol!

I believe that my obsession for the word “pop” as a kid came from a BBC Micro game used in schools called “Podd”. This is where you gave Podd a command and he’ll act it out on screen. If you put in “Pop” he’ll explode. Awesome… Skip the video to 2:18 to see it!


Here are some level designs…




So yeah, ain’t that just awesome! Jason, the bullet bill for a head, could very well become the future mascot for GreatBitBlog! lmao! Still I love the fact that found one of these, and if possible, see if I can find any other designs that I sent to Nintendo. One being “Mario Jungle”, another is the “Super GameBoy”, no it was to play GameBoy Games on the Super Nintendo, it was a 16 bit GameBoy, and another GameBoy design I called the “GameBoy 2”, which looking back on it looked a damn lot like the GameBoy Advance SP!

So as a kid, did you ever send any game or console designs to Nintendo? Maybe Sega? Maybe even Sony? If you did, write them down in the comments below! What do you think of my game design as an 8 year old? They stink don’t they!? lol!