Great “BIG” Vlog: The Car Boot Fail


Whoo! This is what you guys get for when I don’t keep up with blogging, a huge thirty minute vlog!

I talk about one hell of a CarBoot “Fail”, games I got, games I want, and the new GameGear I got from William at ArcadeUSA!


So yeah! I got myself a GameGear and a bunch of games for it! PacMan being one of them. It’s a pretty good port too! I found a sealed copy of Ms.Pacman on eBay for £13, I might pick that beaut up!


Oh yeah, and Bayonetta 2 is pure awesome! It’s about time I got another WiiU game!


Alien Isolation is a great game too! A little buggy though, such as this hammer floating in mid-air that I can clip into!


Oh yeah, about that 3D Realms Box set, I made a huge mistake on the video saying it was a physical box set. This picture on the website is really misleading! It’s a download with an MP3 soundtrack in it. You can purchase and download the 3D Realms Anthology in this link.

Anyway, I’m going to do my best to write more blog and record more vlogs. Thing is Christmas is coming up and I’ll be very busy at work. But I will try my best to get at least 2 blog entries a week for your entertainment!