Google to buy Twitch for One Billion Dollars


This morning, Wall Street Journal rumoured that Google might purchase Twitch.TV for a whopping one billion dollars! It’s left with a lot of mixed opinions. A lot of people on Youtube and Twitch are dubious about this rumour, whilst others see it as an opportunity for Twitch to improve.

20101125144920!Jtv-Logo original came from another streaming website called Justin.TV. Back in 2011, Justin.TV noticed that a large majority of their stream hosts were broadcasting video games for people to watch online. They created Twitch.TV, a sub channel of Justin.TV that concentrates on gaming streams. Since then it became very popular, even to the point that companies such as EA and UbiSoft used it to broadcast their E3 press conference last year. With its huge popularity, the rumour of Google, who own Youtube, going to buy Twitch have left a few people in a bad position due to the problems with Youtube’s content ID banning and Google Plus commenting system.

It’s all fair and good that people are sceptical about this. There could very well be problems in Google buying out Twitch. But me personally I can see this as being a good thing because as people have been saying; Twitch recently has had some major issues with it. Firstly the buffering issues in the flash stream player is ridiculous, I have a fairly descent internet connection, I have a downstream of about 18 Megabit, but there’s issues for me even if I try to watch a 2 megabit Twitch stream! Plus the streams I’ve been doing recently have been looking really bad even when I force a higher video bit-rate on my broadcast. Hopefully if Google does purchase Twitch, maybe these problems can be justified. But I can understand why people are scared if Google might prevent Streamers from showing certain content, such of noticeable figures and sound effects, which the content ID manager could pick up and ban.

Twitch left a message saying that they don’t comment on rumours. So we’ll just have to see what happens in the next couple of weeks on what might happen.