GOG.com purchases!


I’m really bad when it comes to keeping up with my blog! lol! Not only have I had a bit of a crappy couple of weeks in real life. But GOG has their Summer sale going on!


Yes… That’s a lot of buying! Thing is I got all those games (excluding the ones under “Not These”) for just under $30. Heck, try to get those games else where for under thirty! Now sure GOG has changed over the last few years, from specialising in only retro PC and DOS games, to now support indie developed games too. Speaking of Indie games, I bought Fez, again. Yeah yeah I know I have this on the XBox 360, but now all my consoles are getting covered in dust as my PC gets great ports for a cheaper price than I got them on console!

Out of all these games though, and as much as GOG stands for “Classic OLD Games”, the games that stood out for me in the “Awesome!” department are actually a pair of recent indie games. No, not Fez; but UnEpic and 99 Levels to Hell!

Both of these games are really good! UnEpic is a cross-breed of Castlevania style platforming and CRPG; and 99 Levels to Hell is a Twin Stick shooter platformer with randomly driven levels akin to a rogue-like.

Out of these two games, I have played UnEpic the most. It’s a good game though for a game that uses the controller, you still find having to switch to the keyboard a lot to utilise the keyboard short cuts that are very handy. Though I did have an awkward moment with it when I had to do the “Impregnation quest”…  I’m not joking here… Video above might be not safe for work… Depends on the people around you…

I hope to beat these games soon to give you a review. In the mean time I often stream my gameplay on Twitch.tv so check out my channel over there!