Gaming Pickups (08/05/2013)

I went into town today, and I went into the Bowes and Co. second hand shop and saw some gaming stuff that was begging to be picked up!


A pretty pristine GameBoy Pocket with a few games and a R4 card with a Micro SD card!


Bowes and Co. had another GameBoy Pocket, which they had for a while, but it’s screen looked like it was scrubbed with sand paper! But this one is really nice, a little dusty, the back needs a bit of a scrub with a cotton bud as it looks like chocolate is on one of the screws in the case.


As expected, the GameBoy’s screen, from GameBoy to Gameboy Pocket, doesn’t have the best screen due to it slow refresh rate. So there’s plenty of blur when there’s a lot of movement on screen. But with GameBoy Gallery, shown above, it recreates Game & Watch games, and the animation it very limited, so it doesn’t suffer to much from screen blur.


As for the R4, it works, and there’s a few games on the R4 card. Most of which aren’t terribly interesting to me. The¬†previous¬†owner of this had to be a kid, it has so many Pet simulators on it. But I’ll been sticking emulators and ROMs on this bad boy to get a retro fix on my DS-Lite.

Now I own every GameBoy that was released in the west. However there’s the GameBoy Light that was released in Japan. Can I find one to complete my GameBoy family!