E3 Stuff Part 4.


Yes, I stayed up until 4am to watch the Sony press conference. That was a little bit crazy since it was very slow and very boring to begin with. But I honestly think it was worth watching, I’ll tell you why…

Final Fantasy XV

So a new Final Fantasy was announced. But this is something we’ve seen before. Oh yeah it’s Final Fantasy Versus XIII. But SquareEnix are officially making it a real sequel rather than a spin-off to Final Fantasy XIII. This is super interesting as it will be the first Final Fantasy game that will not be a true RPG, rather it’ll be more of an action RPG akin to Kingdom Hearts and Zelda. I’ve always been interested in this game as when it was first announced it was going to be a full on action game on the lines of the Devil May Cry series. But since then they added Kingdom Hearts-like gameplay mechanics to it without the Disney characters. If you want Kingdom Hearts, there is a third game too coming out. But I’m lucky to see this game come out as it was thought to be cancelled.

Used game support

Oh man, if something was worth watching this conference for, it was this! Used games on PS4? Yeah, perfectly fine! Lend to a friend, sell it on eBay, there’s no disc authorisation on the system. Not to mention that they announced that there’s no need for a constant online connection in order to play the game either, like you Will for the XBoxOne. Sony is on a roll here!

The Price Tag

The biggest announcement though, was the PS4’s price tag. Boom… It’s $100 cheaper than the XBoxOne. I honestly think Sony is going to put the XBoxOne six feet under…

Oh yeah, even though I like what I’m seeing, I really dislike the look of the console itself… It looks like the XBoxOne’s ugly half brother.