E3 Stuff Part 1


Okey doke… I was at work and the gym when most of E3 was going on for me. So I had to keep up with things when I got home. And well. There’s more XBoxOne stuff that I sort of don’t care about…

Killer Instinct

All I can say is this… Jesus. H. Christ has Rare kept this sequel for not coming out for what has felt like the longest time in history! I’ll be honest, I liked Killer Instinct Gold on the Nintendo 64. Sure it’s no where the quintessential version of the game, but when the Killer Instinct 2 arcade cabinets are harder to find than hen’s teeth, KI-Gold was the next best thing. Thing is, it’s been a long time, a long ASS time! I honestly thought that Rare simply ditched the KI franchise to favour more for Viva Piñata and Kinect games. At this point though I really couldn’t care about this game, mainly because it just looks like any other fighting game that comes out these days. They just turn into a Street Fighter IV clone, unless it’s Virtua Fighter or Tekken. In this case with KI, it’s just been too long, it’s overdue, and it simply looks like a Mortal Kombat rip off. I just don’t care…

I’ll leave this part with a slightly embarassing video of a pair of XBox Studio developers delivering “Smack Talk” to each other. I’ll give you a hint, it’s bad, and you’ll never actually hear it on XBox Live…

Another XBox 360?!?



Yeah, there’s now another XBox 360! It feels weird that in this current generation of consoles, there’s been three variants of each console, rather than the typical two. But to keep up with other manufacturer’s console trilogies; Microsoft announced a new model of the XBox 360, which vaguely looks a lot like the box shaped XBoxOne. Here’s the kicker though, is there a new lower price for this XBoxOne-ified XBox 360…   No! It’s going to be sold as of today at it’s typical $199. Now excuse me, but that’s both a good thing, and a bit of a dick move at the same time. It’s good in the sense that Microsoft has realised that their XBoxOne isn’t going to be compatible with 360 games, unless the customer so happens to have money burning through their wallet and wishes to buy the game again online so that he/she can play the old game on their new shiny box. It appears that Microsoft realises that most XBox 360 owners have a big library of games, and making their new system not compatible with their collection is going to bite them in the butt. So offering a solution to play their older 360 games on a smaller consoles sitting with their new console kind of makes sense. But for $199 still!? It needs to be $149 at it’s highest price to make it warrantable for purchase. Remember the WiiU guys!?

XBoxOne Price Tag


Now this actually caught me by surprise. Mainly because there were rumours that the XBoxOne could be released at $600 or even more. But at $499 that’s not too bad. Shame I don’t care about the system, but it least it’s got a price that isn’t as bad as the PS3 launch price!

Peggle 2

Peggle 2 just got announced as I try to write this, and well, it’s Peggle, but MORE EXCITING according to this dude…

Now This Is How You Announce A Peggle Sequel

I think this guy confused Peggle 2 with Let’s Dance 5… :/

That’ll do for the time being, I’ll write up more when I see anything that interests me…