E3 affaires Part Trois (it’s Ubisoft’s show, so all French, yeah…)


I just watched Ubisoft’s show. What did I see?

Oh yeah! The hilarity of twitter when people freak out about the world’s tallest high heels on Aisha Tyler!

I so wish there was an image of her on the internet that shows her dwarfing the Ubisoft team with her insane heels! Plus I never understood what the hell #girlwood is :/

OK. What about stuff I saw that I liked…

This game actually looks interesting, but Ubisoft kept doing this thing where they show off a lot of CGI, but not showing any gameplay. What gameplay they showed were in tiny cells that you could barely see what you’re doing. However, that’s where the internet helps!

Amazingly I had no idea about this game, but it’s been in Alpha for a while, and people have posted videos of it on Youtube before E3. From what I can see from the video it’s a cross between of Diablo and Invasion of Privacy: Badman. The idea is that you deck out your castle with traps and fiends that prevent other warriors and heroes from stealing your loot, whilst you travel to other castles stealing other people’s loot. It’s going to be a free to play game on the PC and looks like the kind of thing I can get into.

Another game that got all CGI and hardly any gameplay was the next Trials games, Trials Fusion and Trials Frontier. At least I’ve saw more gameplay in the Might Quest for Epic Loot reveal! Come on Ubisoft you can do better! At least you can play Trials on your iPhone and Android. When it comes out that is…

And there’s Watch Dogs. It was the game we all liked at last year’s E3. So why isn’t it out yet Ubisoft! Oh yeah, PS4. Damn it! I’d like to play this now please…