Duck Hunt Duo is my main Smash Brother!

Yup, I’ve been playing a lot of Super Smash Bros for WiiU/3DS in the last week. It’s really rekindled my Smash Bros love! I finally got Duck Hunt Duo on both versions of the game, and as unwieldy as he might be, I bloody love using him!

I’m doing really well with him. In my opinion he’s all to do with timing, seeing as his attacks are mainly charges based; meaning that his smash attacks have a delay to it, just like Link’s attacks.

However I will say I’m not to best Smash Bros player out there. I can’t seem to get over the 6 difficulty level; and everyone online are really good! Though I have to say I wish there wasn’t so much damn lag on it!

I found this from a link on Twitter. It’s sad and cute about how the Duck Hunt Duo came to be. Though to be honest I’d hate to think what would happen if the Duck discovered that his canine comrade was responsible for the death of his parents! Something to overthink about maybe?


I even made a certain person’s pet into a custom Duck Hunt Duo character! 😛 This, just like the many other custom characters I have, have a long way to get better stats!

Who’s your main character for the new Smash Bros games? Made any custom characters yet? Do you like using Duck Hunt Duo, or am I the only one? tell me in the comments below!