Dat Raspberry Pi A+


A new model of the Raspberry Pi has been released, a next generation version of the original Model A. What makes this new Model A+ cool is just how small and cheap is it!

What I would love to do with this as a future project, if I ever actually do it that is, is build one of those Raspberry Pi Boy consoles. I’ve seen blogs and YouTube videos of people building GameBoy emulators with a Raspberry Pi inside a GameBoy chassis with a rechargeable battery.

Great idea, but I feel bad for this GameBoy chassis’ bezel! He just ripped it right off! 🙁


What I would love to do is build a portable Raspberry Pi portable console in the shape of a Sega GameGear or a GameBoy Advance. I just need to find a case shaped like that, or just blow a lot of money on a 3D printer! lol! But I can totally see the Raspberry Pi A+ used for portable computing including home made portable games consoles.

So what do you think of the Raspberry Pi A+? Would you buy one? What would you build with one? Write it down in the comments below!