Congratulations Socal Mike!


Socal Mike, of Retrogaming Roundup fame, created a Kickstarter campaign that has just become successful!

Hitting the $50,000 target, Retro Magazine is going to happen! I sent $30 to get my digital and physical magazines, if you haven’t Kickstarted it yet, I highly suggest you do it now as there’s 4 days left! Let’s see what Stretch goals he can hit!

It’ll be awesome if he hits the one million mark! Heh! but at this point it’s unlikely.

If you’ve been living under a rock though, here are the writers on board this magazine!

Yup, our very own FocusRS of Stalking the Retro fame is writing for Retro! Awesome!

Congrats on everyone doing this, and I hope this magazine becomes a huge success!