Check out this dude if you really like the GameBoy!


Recently on Twitter I’ve had a nice trickle of new followers, including someone by the name of @retroga_me. I noticed that he does a few Youtube videos called Massive-DMG, and I giggled a little saying “Heh, just like DMG-01“. But it turns out that this gentleman, just like myself, is a huge GameBoy fan with a huge GameBoy game collection!

Oh but that’s not all!  

All I’m going to say is that I’m really jealous. Really-Really jealous!

As I said above, Vincent, Mr @retroga_me, uploaded a few videos on Youtube called Massive-DMG. There are only four Massive-DMG videos, most of his other videos are more vlog stuff. But his Massive-DMG videos are great, just like this video of a game called Rolan’s Curse, where he discovers a multiplayer mode that isn’t mentioned in the game or the user manual!

Watching these videos feels very Lazy Game Reviews-like. However, Vincent has only started making these Massive-DMG videos a few months back. He doesn’t quite have the video back catalogue like Clint of LGR; but if you’re a big fan of the black and white wonder like myself, I highly recommend watching these videos and hitting his subscribe button!

So what do you think of Mr Vincent’s GameBoy game collection? Isn’t it amazing!? Do you like his videos? Could he be the GameBoy Lazy Game Reviews-er… That sounded terrible, but you know what I mean! Write in the comments below!