Cheap Amiibos!? No Ian! NO!


I’ll be honest, I wasn’t attracted to Amiibos before. I can understand that this is Nintendo’s response to Activision’s SkyLanders and Disney’s Infinity toy lines. Nintendo incorporated NFC into the Nintendo WiiU gamepad, and originally UbiSoft were going to have their own line of NFC based toys for their RayMan Legends game for the WiiU. But on launch Nintendo didn’t have the software ready on time for the NFC sensor, and Ubisoft delayed the Rayman game. That however didn’t stop Nintendo from learning a thing or two from the market and making their own set of toys for the Smash Bros game. Then making them compatible with other Nintendo titles later on.


I might not understand the Amiibo toys, but that doesn’t mean I never had any action figures. As a kid I had He-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and GI Joe toys. Eventually I stopped getting into them, and they we’re left at my grandparents house where my younger cousins would play with them.


On my trip into town today, I went into a GAME store and discovered Amiibos at a cheaper price. Now I won’t say which store I went to, or how much they cost, only because I know there’s a stock problem on them at the moment. What I could tell the reason why these Amiibo toys were dropped in price was because the packaging looked as if it got some water damage to it. Fortunately the actual Amiibo toy inside is wrapped inside a plastic box, so no water would get inside. But it looked as if the GAME store had problems trying to sell these over Christmas; I know exactly what they’re thinking, customers don’t like to get presents and gifts with damaged packaging even if the gift inside said box is fine.


One of my many gripes with the Amiibo line, is not only is it a toy that I might not even use, but they cost £15 a pop. But the ones in this GAME store intrigued me a little, because only only were they cheap, but they had the figures that I wanted if I was into the Amiibo toys. These are Link and Samus; and this GAME store had plenty of them along with Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Peach and Pikachu. At this point my cheap ass, bargain hunting side of me was very close in getting a Link and Samus Amiibo because of the price tag, but I held back and thought about it. But as I type this blog, I might have the little cheeky return to that one GAME store to see if they still have those cheap Amiibo figures in stock.

So why do I need one, I hear you say? Well it’s a little thing called locked content, and yes it sucks. Nintendo has learned a thing or two from other developers about downloadable content. They have also learned that the Amiibo toys can be used in conjunction with this too, meaning that certain parts of games can only be unlocked using the toys. It sucks, but it’s the inevitable truth. Granted, I won’t need all these features that are unlocked from Amiibo toys, but in order for it to be unlocked in the first place, it needs to be in the game’s code. Meaning it all goes back to issues that gamers had with Capcom and all the downloadable content that was already on disc that needed to be unlocked with paid DLC. Same thing goes with Amiibos, where content that’s already on the disc can only be unlocked using £15 Amiibo toys. It’s the state of modern gaming, it’s an ugly one for sure that only looks brighter when the price goes down.

Expect me to have two of these bloody Amiibos tomorrow! Thanks Nintendo and GAME!

What do you think about cheap Amiibos? Have you seen any in your local game store? DO you already own an Amiibo? Tell me in the comments below!