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GreatBitVlog 11: Pickups


Today I got myself a whole handful of games, ranging from new to used at a pretty good price!

It was a good bargain find if I do say so myself! the whole lot came to about £40. Granted it wasn’t an awesome carboot sale moment. But when the mornings are dark, making carboot sales suck, it’s nice to get bargains from website and charity shops!

Did you find any bargains recently? Did you get anything from the GamesCollection’s January sale? Do you know any charity shops with awesome games in them? Tell me in the comments below!

Pickups at the Carboot sale. (09/Nov/14)

Today’s carboot sale was a bit better than then last time I went about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Even better was that I took my dictaphone with me to record what went on at the scene. You’ll be hearing that on the next episode of Stalking the Retro.


Oh yeah! I got myself two GameBoy pockets for £15! One of them is an original silver GameBoy Pocket with the silver bevel and missing battery indicator. The rear is a bit scratched up because uses that silver paint that scratches easily. But for £7.50 it was a steal over the £50 GameBoy Light at Retro Revival! Continue reading

Charity shop pick ups!

charity (1)

Today I went into town and visited the British Red Cross charity shop and found some great games! One game that I’ve been eyeing up for a while in there was the forth Broken Sword game, The Angel of Death, which was at £8, now reduced down to £2! I picked up a copy of GTA San Andreas on the PS2, Myst IV and V on PC, Quake 3 Arena on PC and Exit on the PSP.

charity (2)

One catch, again I’m, terrible at checking cases before purchasing! The copy of Broken Sword 4 didn’t have it’s disc in the case! Typically there’s a big CD wallet that the British Red Cross has for discs, I’m hoping that I can get over there one day and it’ll be waiting for me in their CD wallet!

Great day at the car boot sale!

Carboot (1)

So yeah, I had some fun today at the local car boot sale!

The crazy thing was that I almost didn’t go because I felt really rough thing morning, I’m not a morning person, let’s put it like that. It started off kinda bland, there just wasn’t really anything there on my first round around the car boot sale. But when I did my second round, it was as there was a tsunami of deals heading towards me!!! Continue reading

Charity Shop Pickups (31/March/14)

Today has been a good day for a bit of Charity shopping! Check out this! I got a whole bunch of BradyGames and Prima guides on some classic adventure games, plus a copy of Diablo 2 and Grand Theft Auto 2 for the PC.


The books are in great condition, and I got them all for less than £1.50 each, considering that their RRP back in the day were $20 a pop! The original price tags are still stuck on them! And yes in US dollars, they must have come from the States, and then donated to the shop.

I own all these games thanks to! Now when I get stuck on a certain part of these games I can find out the solution! I know, there’s the internet, but there’s something nice about guide books, especially guides that are in good condition and really cheap! Not to mention the money went to the British Red Cross. So all’s good!

St. Patrick’s Day Gaming Goodness!


As mentioned in yesterday’s blog. is running a promotion for St. Patrick’s Day called the “Luck of the Irish” where not only you can get up to a 90% discount on selected games; there’s a Pot Of Gold SKU where you can get a random game not on the selected discounted games list. To get the deal you must select 5 games to get the games at the discounted price, and the Pots of Gold cost $2 each. Yesterday I picked just one Pot of Gold where I got a copy of Alien Shooter 1. Continue reading

Pickups Update


OK I picked up a big box copy of Settlers 3, to be honest I don’t recall seeing this game in a DVD case anyway. And I got a boxed PlayStation Multi tap and non-dualshock PS1 controller. I got these from a local charity shop that’s only five minute away from me. The same place that I got a copy of the GameBoy Color version of Elevator Action. I got all this for £11. Not the cheapest charity shop purchase in the world. But a boxed controller and multi tap is a pretty good find!


What was interesting about the controller was that I noticed the spelling for grey is “Gray”. Meaning that this controller must have come from the US.

Check out what I picked up today on GOG!

Yup, that sale was insane, I picked up a LOT of games! Just have a look!


Now the few at the bottom, WasteLand, Shadow Man, Tropico Reloaded and Redneck Rampage were games I got before this sale; but I racked up 16 games in under $55! Got some classics such as the first Deus Ex, Tex Murphy and One Unit Whole Blood. But I got some new games too such as Shelter, Omerta and MegaByte Punch! Not only that, I bought 7 more games that I’ll be giving out as prizes on Saturday’s Pinball Stream! So keep your eyes peeled!

I better hope I haven’t got into my overdraft for this!

Review and Test of Space Invader Bottle Opener


People on Twitter will remember that I purchased some Space Invaders memorabilia, one of them being a Space Invaders Bottle Opener! Seeing as I haven’t wrote much recently, I’ll do a review for it! So yeah, Test this baby out with a good ole’ bottle of Cobra beer! Remember kids, Alcohol abuse is bad, leave alcohol to the grown ups! Continue reading