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Resurrection, again, and again.

As if I keep on resurrecting this dead horse, over and over again; I need to talk about a new plan I have. I’ve noticed a new wave of Twitch channels that concentrate on either a single game, a single game genre, or even a single game console, rather than just playing the latest and hottest game that’s out. So I’ve come up with the idea of returning to Twitch; but rather than trying to beat a random game, or play something that’s new, I would concentrate on the system that I loved as a kid, the humble GameBoy. Continue reading

The GreatBitBlog Announcement, IN HD!

Nintendo Gameboy

I come with some news regarding the future of the GreatBitBlog. In the new year, 2015, I will be taking my website, and begin to work on it full time.

In the last seven or so years, I’ve been struggling to begin a career of my choice, and have been working in retail for a little too long. I went to University thinking that I wanted to be a programmer to discover that it wasn’t for me, I went in search of IT related jobs and resulted with nothing. It’s safe to say that it’s very difficult to the job you want these days; however seeing people like Pewdiepie, Markiplier, GameGrumps, The Game Theorists, and Clint from Lazy Game Reviews, I’m inspired to take on my own internet media job, and use my blog as a hub. If I can’t get the job I want, I’ll make my own job, and I’ll be turning GreatBitBlog into my own company. This means that in the new year, I’ll be releasing consistent content throughout the year, including blogs, videos, podcasts, streams and getting involved in more social events compared to previous years.

What I’ll be doing in the next few weeks or so is make an open conference/livestream that I’ll run on Google Hangouts or Twitch.TV. So if you’re interested, head over to my FaceBook page and keep an eye out for a public event for my open conference.

So what do you think? Do you think I’m super inspired by YouTube stars? Am I going to be a sell out? Write in the comments below!

Youtube channel and videos!

Yup, I finally got myself a Youtube Channel that I’m going to dump a bunch of stream video onto! Click here for the channel page!

Otherwise enjoy watching me puss out on Amnesia Dark Descent on my Halloween Great Bit Stream Special show!

Announcement: Halloween Fright Night on Great Bit Stream!


Oh yeah! Halloween is coming! And what a way to scare myself senseless is playing a steam game that I purchased a while back and only played about five minutes of about 2 years back! The game I’m talking about is Amnesia: Dark Descent! A creepy First Person Adventure game that takes gameplay elements from Resident Evil, Doom and Eternal Darkness.

Continue reading

Retro Revival Live Blog for Sunday

[liveblog]Okie doke, it’s Sunday Morning, and Revival has begun again. I got prepared and put my business cards out, and I took some RetroGaming Roundup leaflets and put those out too. So physical spamming of other people’s web sites too! LOL. Today, there will be an event for Bedrooms to Billions, and there will be a Super Smash Bros tourney. So I’ll keep everyone updated.

Retro Revival 2013 live blog

[liveblog]Well I got onto the train at 6am and I’m crazy tired. Not only did I my tickets last night and find them at 1am, but getting on the train was crazy as the doors slammed onto my rucksack (backpack to my American readers). So yeah. Doors eatting my bag and practically left the station a minute after arriving! I’ll be posting more as I get there.

[liveblog]12:54 It appears I can’t figure out how to use WordPress’ Live Blog functions, hopefully it’ll update, I will have no idea though. Anyway, It’s pretty damn awesome, it’s loud and fun. What’s been awesome is to be able to play the games I want to play, even though it’s not as big in size as PlayExpo. I played a fair amount of Phoenix and Scramble without needing to wait a minute. Unfortunatly there’s no Galaga, well there is, but it’s in a MAME cab that isn’t working.

What’s awesome though was that the RetroLords held a Warlords tornement, and guess who’s in the finals! ME!!!! WHAHAHA! SO awesome! I picked up a few games too, though as you can imagine most of vendors here are selling at a high price, which is predictable being an expo and all.

Enjoy the pictures I took!











Pinball LOLZ

So yeah. Zen Studios released their popular Pinball FX2 on Steam. So I got it and downloaded the StarWars tables, as I didn’t get them for the XBox360 version. It’s pretty good, so I streamed a bit of it on my brand new “GreatBitStream” on And well this happened!

Who-da-thunk-it that Yoda sounding like Duke Nukem would be damn funny! lol!