Bayonetta 2 Direct Stuff


One of the few games that I appreciated on the XBox 360 was Bayonetta. Made by Hideki Kamiya, the ex-Capcom director behind Resident Evil and Devil May Cry; it was a real spectacle that was going to be a Devil May Cry sequel, but turned into a new game that in my opinion far succeeds all of the Devil May Cry games. Not (just) because the lead character is a rather sexy lady but the gameplay was lightening fast, the graphics were to die for, and had a really interesting twist that was neither dull nor mind blowing, but enough to really enjoy the game. Not to mention the butt-ton of Sega references in the game too. The sequel, Bayonetta 2, is an exclusive to Nintendo’s WiiU, and might be the game that’ll get the so called, Hardcore, gamers to get a WiiU.

Last night, Platinum Games did their own Nintendo Direct to not just introduce the, game, but so off new gameplay modes such as an online multiplayer co-op mode. The game’s plot, and a release date. The game is being released in the UK, Europe, and the US on the 24th of October.

Something crazy is that us Brits get this AWESOME piece of kit! The Book of Angels. This is the super duper limited edition of the game that’s only getting 15000 copies printed. It features Bayonetta 2, the WiiU version of the Bayonetta 1, an art book, and of course that awesome box that’s made of wood and leather!


What sucks is that the Book of Angels is a GAME exclusive, and before I had a chance to get home and preorder it today, all 15000 copies were sold. I can bet you that GAME’s share holders were having a party today! Mainly because this limited edition costs a whopping £60! £60 X 15000 = £900000! GAME made some good money today that’s for certain! As much as I would have liked to get the Book of Angels, I wouldn’t buy a damn game for £60! Sure it’s in a nice box, but at the end of the day that’s all it is, and an art book. But hey ho, I’ll just be getting the regular Bayonetta 1&2 pack for £40.

So are you one of the lucky 15000 to get hold of the Book of Angels? Are you late like I am? Are you annoyed that Bayonetta 2 is a WiiU exclusive? Write your opinions in the comments below!