Anyone seen this game yet?


I noticed this game on Steam Green Light called The Fall. It’s a Cinematic Platformer, similar to Limbo and Another World, where you control the artificial intelligence of a cybernetic suit that it’s owner has become unconscious. With the AI now controlling the suit with a sleeping host inside it, you have to explore and find yourself a way to get off the planet that you have fallen on.

Even though The Fall’s creator, John Warner, mentions games like Super Metroid and Monkey Island, this game has a serious Eric Chahi feel to it. It looks a lot like Another World, Flash Back and Heart of Darkness; it has a bit of a “Waking Mars” feel to it too.

The main reason for why I’m excited about this game is that I recently got into this genre of cinematic platforming games after watching a set of Out of this World (The American name to Another World) “Let’s Play” videos by the Game Grumps above. I bought the Another World 20th Anniversary Edition from a while back, and after watching these videos I wanted to try the game myself. I knew about Another World and FlashBack during the nineties, but I never got to play them. So with the magic of disposable income and downloadable games, I got to play this game in lovely HD and I’m enjoying this game.

But now I discover The Fall on Steam Green Light, now I’m mega excited for the game. I’m going to support them on their Green Light page. However they did have a Kickstarter campaign, and it went quite well, and hit a few of their stretch goals too!


However I missed it by a few days, which is a shame, but now they have a Paypal page on the Over the Moon website. Almost all of the pledge amounts and bonuses are available on it. When I get paid this Friday I’ll be hitting the $30 Beta test tier, oh yeah!