An incy, teenie, weenie, tiny, bit more faith in Nintendo… Sort of…


So yeah, as the year comes to a close, Nintendo hasn’t done terribly well. The Wii U is a bit of a flop, and I have hardly purchased any more games for my 3DS, even though I should go and get myself a copy of Fire Emblem Awakening, I just don’t have any “drive” to go out and purchase anything Nintendo related; despite being a big Nintendo fan. Something that has bothered me a little is how Nintendo has treated the Super Mario franchise recently, rather than try something new and refreshing, they’re simply “rehashing” the game in sequels. Out of eight Mario titles that have been released in the last five years, only three of them have been original. Those being Mario Galaxy, New Super Mario Bros, and Mario 3D Land. Since then there has been a Mario Galaxy 2, three more New Super Mario Bros, and an upcoming Super Mario 3D World being released on a console that’s not made for a stereoscopic 3D screen; kind of ironic really…


When Nintendo announced Mario 3D World at E3 this year, I was very disappointed with Mario’s new power up, the cat bell. making Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad wear a cat costume, ala to the Tanuki suit, and performs actions like a cat would. Personally I wasn’t very impressed with this at all.


However, Nintendo released a “Nintendo Direct” where they updated people on their work with upcoming games and showed off some interesting things they’ve added to Mario 3D World. One being the new power up, the Clone Cherry; as it’s named, it’ll create a clone of of Mario or whoever picks it up, and in some levels they’ll have more than one clone cherry, meaning that many clones can be made, the most seen in videos and images turn out to be four clones.


The next interesting power up is simply just a head light. but the idea behind this is that Bowser and his minions can now hide in shadows, and the headlight enables you to see shadow enemies on the walls so that you can avoid them, and then hurt them by making your shadow stomp their shadow.


And finally there’s the goomba hat. This allows Mario and company to disguise themselves as goombas so that they they don’t get noticed. Think of it like the cardboard boxes in Metal Gear Solid.

OK, now granted there’s some new and interesting power ups in this game, and it looks like Cat Mario won’t be so much a big thing in this game. But I’m still not going to rush out and get a Wii U just for this game. I’m still waiting for the Wii U to have a better price, even when it’s had a £50 price reduction!


I will admit when I heard about Zelda, a Link Between Worlds, I was excited that it was set after the events of Link to the Past. But after watching quite a few videos it did sound like Nintendo may have been rehashing Zelda in the same vein as Mario; but there’s now new hope for me in this new announcement that Nintendo has made. Satoru Iwata explained in the Nintendo Direct that Eiji Aomuna doesn’t want this new game to follow the same gameplay patterns that previous Zelda games have, where you would go through temples in a particular order, and each temple would have a new item that was needed in order to clear said temple. So what’s happening this time is that the temples can be done through in any order you like, kind of like a Mega Man game, but without the level select screen, and items are “rented” rather than found in temples. This sounds like an awesome concept! And I believe that it’ll make this game very fresh and original compared to the majority of the Zelda franchise!

Well I already own a 3DS! I like the Zelda Franchise! And the idea of non-linear gameplay and renting items is great! So I will definitely be picking up Zelda: A Link Between Worlds!