Amiibo woes and highs


Nintendo announced that Amiibos in the future can unlock demos of classic games based on the said character. Which in fairness is all right seeing as Nintendo is trying to add more to Amiibos than they started off with. However I will have to stress that they’re demos and not full games; similar to that seen in the Masterpiece screen in Smash Bros fro WiiU.

It would be nice if Nintendo would give away a free NES game with an Amiibo, then again in doing so might result in increasing the price of them, they’re still £15 each in high street stores. £15 for a figure with no articulation is insane in my opinion, even when it must be 20 years since I left got an action figure!


Personally though, I’m really like these custom made and modified Amiibos that I find online. This one above look like a typical Amiibo, but there’s no such thing as a female Animal Crossing Villager Amiibo yet. This one is a well-crafted modified Amiibo built on top of the original male Animal Crossing Amiibo.


Here’s another, this time it’s just a re-paint rather than a sculpt. But here’s Samus in the Light Armour Dark Samus from Metroid Prime 2.


Here’s an awesome looking Pikachu Amiibo decked out like bancho, ready to knock out some punk kids from his rivalling school!

I could bitch and moan about the Amiibo toys turning Nintendo into another Activision and Disney. But I really like these Custom Amiibo models, it makes the toys more than just a means to unlock things in games, but brings out the creative side of you too! I might get an Amiibo just to do the same thing, it reminds me of when I used to put together and paint Warhammer Models. My artistic skills aren’t the best, but that might be the fact that Warhammer miniatures are smaller than Amiibos. So I could use Amiibos to see what I can do from an artistic view point rather than using them for games.


For example, there’s a possiblity of a DuckHunt Amiibo in the future, the image above is a mock up. Seeing as I have a custom DuckHunt character that I’ve called Snarfle, the name of William’s Pug. I could attempt to re-sculpt the Amiibo to make the DuckHunt dog look more like a Pug than a Blood Hound.

P.S. To make you guys aware, that one post I wrote about the chances of getting a cheap Amiibo from a GAME store. I didn’t get one after all as they were the same price on Amazon. So I still don’t own one yet!

What are your opinions on Amiibo? Do you like them or hate them? Would you make a Customer Amiibo? Tell me in the comments below!