This is the GreatBitBlog. The musings of Ian Guebert’s (A.K.A. Septic Lemon) gaming life.

Ian Guebert

The name “Great Bit Blog” is an amalgamation of “Great Big” and “Eight Bit”. Put the two together and you get “Great Big Blog”.

When I was 6 years old, I discovered an Atari Star Wars cockpit arcade machine in a Bingo hall at a holiday camp in Caister-on-sea. And since then I was hooked to gaming! I received a Commodore 64 shortly after, and my love for gaming grew from there. Now I have this blog where I write about my love for games, opinions and reviews.

As you might tell from the design that I used for this blog, the GameBoy was something big for me as a kid, it came with me everywhere, being a portable console, it served its purpose well and I loved the little system; a great introduction to gaming.