A very cool idea for PC gaming.

Remember the days when PC and Mac games came in big-ish cardboard boxes! I certainly do! Funny enough in the States they kept hold of the big PC game boxes for a while. I remember visiting my Dad in Cape Girardeau Missouri in 2003, I would visit the EB Games in West Park Mall and noticed how PC games were still in big cardboard boxes when over in Ole’ Blighty we put new release PC games in DVD cases since 2000.


Here’s something for you “Physical copy” fans out there. Indie Box. A service where once a month you’ll receive a new Indie game delivered to you in an old fashioned big PC game box filled with feelies


Kotaku received their Indie Box that contained Teslagrad, a platform puzzler by Rain Games. The box contains a CD sound track, a manual, a set of pin badges, a poster, an Indie Box sticker and a do it yourself paper craft model of the lead protagonist.


The games themselves are stored on thick business card like USB flash drive that have original artwork on the outer casing.


If you head over to www.theindiebox.com, you can pick one of three subscription plans. A one-off payment of $16.99+$3 for shipping, a three month plan for $15.99+$3 per month (billed every 3 months), or a six month plan for $14.99+$3 per month (billed every 6 months). Do bare in mind for those outside the US there’s an additional fee for international shipping, that I don’t know yet as I haven’t subscribed yet.


This kind of thing isn’t new though, there’s a service called Loot Create, where you receive a box each week filled with geeky memorabilia. Thing is as much as I like Star Wars, Doctor Who or any time of geek nonsense, I’m not the kind of person who needs toys and crap like that. Sure there’s a market for that, I’m just not a part of that market.

Now IndieBox though, an indie game in an old school box with feelies and other stuff like that! I could get down with that. It’ll make my endless Steam and GOG catalogue have some physical value to them!

…wonder if they’ll make a box for the Lords of Midnight remake? 😉


Comment, Like and subscribe! Tell me if you’re going to subscribe to this service, and what games you’d like to see in future IndieBoxes. Be sure to use the Hashtag #BringBackTheBox 🙂

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