A surprise from the post!

Good ole’ FocusRS was awesome enough to pick up a copy of limited run Intellivision Lives on the DS. However he teased me a little about a “surprise” in the package. What felt like the longest time ever, actually it was two weeks, I received the package right after I did a podcast with Jeremy, and here it is!


An awesome Silver coloured Warlords cartridge, and a second place Warlords dog tag!


OK, it’s just a spray paint job, and you can see the creases where the label on the cart was removed, but it’s still freaking awesome! Now this ladies and gentlemen, this is the REAL prise!


Even below where the cart slot pins are at were re-painted too. This was no bodge job.


And there it is, my very own Warlords champion dog tag. I’ll be wearing this with pride at the next convention, until I get my first place win! LOL!