A Missing Smash Brother. Space Invader


Been playing a bit of Smash Bros for WiiU and 3DS. It’s cool to see classic characters such as PacMan and the Duck Hunt dog in the game, but the Granddaddy of video game characters, the Space Invader should make an appearance. It’s weird that the game has potential for DLC characters, however it turns out that MewTwo will be the only downloadable character for the game, so far. So allow me to dream of how a Space Invader would work in Super Smash Bros.

Please be aware that these images are made by me, and therefore are not real! Please don’t post “New Character coming” posts on forums please!!!


Little Mac is one of the new characters in the Smash Bros game, he’s only good whilst on the ground and doesn’t jump very well. My idea for Space Invader, seeing as they’re airborne, is that they perform battle in the air than the ground. Seeing as Invaders don’t have any real melee attacks, they’re like MegaMan where lasers are the primary method of attack. Not only that, but just like in arcade game, the invader can only shoot downwards. The Space Invader moves up, left and right faster than it can descend down, to replicate its movement in the arcade game.


Invader’s special attacks would be…

B Button: Zig Zag Beam. The classic Zig Zag beam that required two shots to get rid of it. It’s a stronger laser, but requires more time to shot again.

Left or Right and B: Invader Body Shield. The Invader will bring out and hold another invader out to his side to take attacks, similar to that of Princess Peach using Toad as a shield.

Up and B: UFO Lift. a Space Invaders UFO appears and grabs the invader and lifts it up to safety whilst it spins to harm other players.

Down and B: Shelter Drop. Drop a Space Invader shelter in the same fashion as PacMan dropping a fire hydrant.


Smash Attack: Invasion. When the Invader breaks a Smash Ball, an entire swarm of invaders will appear, slowly marching left and right, raining lasers down on the enemies below.

So what do you think? Would Space Invaders be a good character for Super Smash Bros? Do you agree with the moves I gave him? Could I improve the character? Tell me by writing in the comments below!