Where did you go!?

Urgh… OK, I know, I haven’t posted anything up in over a month now, so I better write something up to keep my dear readers interested. In short it’s a mixture of not being terribly happy and procrastination. So Instead I’m going to write up about the games I’ve been playing recently!


Yeah, I’ve been playing a lot of SimCity 2013.



Infact, out of all games I’ve played in the current generation, console lifecycle, or whatever industry term people like to use, SimCity 2013, like it or loath it; I’ve played a crap ton of it! Sure it’s not the best SimCity game out there, I still prefer the SNES game and 2000, but SimCity 2013 isn’t terribly bad since they’ve sorted out all the server problems. It’s funny how a game that isn’t the series best would get my attention more than any other game in the last 8 or so years. I honesty can’t think of any game I’ve played for this long! When I was addicted to Final Fantasy 7 back in 2000, I racked up 60 or so hours once I beat Sephiroth; and I thought that was a crazy amount of time. Well SimCity 2013 has beaten that more than two fold! It’s funny because I look at my Steam list and see a bunch of games that only received a few minutes of my time, yes I know, Kotaku has written many-many articles about us PC Gamers hoarding Steam games and not playing them. But out of all my games I own, this “imperfect” SimCity game get my love the most.

Other than SimCity, I recently picked up a few more games, I got myself a copy of Rogue Legacy, which is DAMN HARD by the way!

2013-10-02_00001 2013-10-02_00002

That Khider boss annoys me bad!

Lastly, I’ve been playing around with monitor with Pinball FX 2. I didn’t think out it, but yes you can set it up in a way to play the game in a vertical screen mode so you can see the play field better! It’s so cool to play it like this!


…mind you I don’t have a real stand to prop up my monitor vertically like this… It’s held up with a bunch of crap on my desk. So I think it’s a good idea to invest in one of those monitor stands with the swivel bases on them to turn the screen around.

…and that’s about it, because of my procrastination over the last month I’ll be doing my damn best to write more in this month of October, so please, please, PLEASE keep reading guys!