Virtual Console Games you Should already have (need) on your Wii: Part 2!

Continuing from yesterday’s “Virtual console games you should already have!” Let me get to business with a few of these!

Splatter House

When it comes to one of the earliest gory games out there, what comes to mind is Splatter house. Mind you this Turbo Grafx 16 version did get a lot of changes from it’s Arcade version, such as the hockey mask being red rather than white, and one of the bosses being changed from a demonic possessed cross to just a group of flying zombie heads. But regardless to the changes that were made in this edition to the game, Splatter House is one hell of an entertaining platformer/brawler that doesn’t disappoint, and it’s very much worth the 600 Wii Point price tag!


Nintendo surprisingly released Commodore 64 games for the Virtual console. I honestly didn’t see this coming, but it did. And one of the first C64 games released for the Wii Virtual console was Uridium. Now I had heard of Uridium from the past, but I never played it before., so the internet was my friend to show me gameplay videos of it, and it looked entertaining. So I Bought and downloaded it, and I really liked the game! The download did cost 500 Wii points, which to be honest might sound steep for a C64 game; but if you hop on eBay and see how much people sell this game for, anywhere over £10, it makes the 500 Wii points price tag a little bit more attractive!

Phantasy Star

Back in my Phantasy Star Online days on the GameCube, I was curious to know how this franchise began. After all I was a Nintendo Fan boy for a long time, back then I didn’t know too much about Sega’s history. But I discovered that Phantasy Star began on the Master System, and was released a week after the release of the first Final Fantasy game. What’s amazing with this is simply the fact that a game with the graphics of Phantasy Star was released just a week after the release of Final Fantasy. Let’s compare this…


So yeah, spoilers, there’s your two final bosses, but Phantasy Star does an amazing job on showing what the Master System can pull off over the NES and Famicom. Sure I like my Final Fantasy games, but if I was a teen back in 1988, Phantasy Star could’ve made me a Sega faithful. For 600 Wii Points, this is a no brainer!