Valve announces the Steam Link Micro Console


Late last night, Valve announced the Steam Link Micro console. A tiny little machine similar to that of the PlayStation TV where you can stream your Steam games from your PC to a bigger TV over your home network.


Valve had information on this on their Steam web site, since then it’s now been removed, likelihood being that they’re showing it off at GDC today. It’s rumoured to have a price tag of about $49.99 with a November release date. Any other information about what controllers it can use, such as the Steam controller, is likely to be announced later today. Speaking of the Steam Controller, a lot of websites believe that Valve has made a final design for the controller and is coming out in November along side the Steam Link.


The rumoured final design of the Steam controller, now believed to have a NeoGeo CD
styled 8 way micro-switched joystick.

Keep an eye out later today when GDC starts with news about the Steam Link and Steam Controller.

What do you think about the Steam Link? Tempted by that $49 price tag? Will we be seeing the Steam Controller at GDC this year? Tell us in the Comments below!