Time to droll over graphics cards.

So yeah, being a PC gamer for a few years now, I try to keep up with the latest PC tech. Graphics cards in particular. ASUS announced on Tuesday announced their latest addition to their family of NVidia Graphics cards. Not a new card, but an improvement.

Witness the ASUS NVidia GTX670 Mini!

ASUS-GTX-670-DirectCU-Mini-11I love this thing! It’s a pretty powerful graphics card in a compact size. Granted, it’s not a GTX Titan, but considering that I only have a GTX 650 and run Bioshock Infinite fine with it. This is impressive for it’s size.

For those who never seen a “non-mini” version of this card, here’s an image…

asus_gtx670dc2t2gd5The mini is almost half the size of a regular GTX 670. Meaning that you can use a GTX 670 mini in a Mini ITX case without any quibbles.

asus-670-580x474So yeah, you can have a pretty beefy graphics card in a tiny PC case. Brilliant for those who want to build their own Steam console under their big screen TV. There are Mini-ITX cases out there that can fit bigger graphics card, such as the Cooler Master Elite 120. But the Cooler Master Elite 120 is a wee bit big for a Mini ITX case, but with one of these little beauts on your ITX motherboard, you can invest in a smaller Mini ITX case without compromises. Just make sure it’ll fit a 500+ Watt Power supply in it!

The only gripe I have with this is that American online computer shop, NewEgg, have preorders for this card for a whopping $399 before tax! Then again, prices for the GTX670 can range from $300 to $450 depending on the amount of video RAM on it, and the core speed, there appears to be 920 MHz models and 980MHz models. The faster it is, the more it costs.

Honestly though, I don’t need a new graphics card JUST yet, though these new compacted GTX 670s look awesome, especially as I would like to make a Steam Machine later on this year. But I can live on the GTX650 that I have at the moment!