That ZX Spectrum Vega did pretty well didn’t it?


I’ll admit, when I saw the ZX Spectrum Vega IndieGoGo Campaign page, I didn’t think it was all that great. I had two issues with it. One it doesn’t have a full keyboard, and two it feels very NeoGeo Gold X-ish, the portable NeoGeo that didn’t do so well that had it’s BIOS on a freaking MicroSD card! These were the reasons why I was hesitant to post a blog about it when it was announced on Monday. However, this happened…


Pay attention to the amount of money raised, and the days left. Yup, they beat their target in two days! TWO FREAKING DAYS!

For those who missed out on this, on the 1st of December, RetroComputers LTD announced that they were going to manufacture a new ZX Spectrum called the Vega, which is simply a Speccy in a controller shaped like a little 16/48k with a d-pad and 4 buttons. The system comes with a 1000 games on the system’s memory, whilst having an SD card reader to read even more games from ROM files.


My main gripe, as mentioned before, is that the system is great for games that use very little keys, or had joystick support like Manic Miner…


…but anything this require lots of keys such as Lords of Midnight for example, would be simply unplayable with the lack of keys and buttons! …or the keyboard overlay for that fact!

It has been mentioned on the IndieGoGo Campaign that the Vega features an on-screen keyboard if needed, but in my opinion, the system really needs USB and/or PS/2 port so that people can attach their own keyboards to it to make it justifiable. They did mention that the hardware might change to meet the needs of the fans and contributors, which is a good sign, but the first impression of this machine didn’t really put a good taste in my mouth, nor did £100 price tag either! But my opinion is just an opinion, and clearly doesn’t demonstrate the majority seeing as a lot of people have funded this Indiegogo campaign!

Something else to mention is that the Vega (at the moment) only uses composite video output. Hopefully they’ll provide HDMI too, or possibly even a wireless video model too. Heck if Brazil can make a wireless Master System, I’m sure that RetroComputers LTD can make a wireless ZX Spectrum!


What I will say though, is that even though I’m not really a fan of this, at least RetroComputer LTD are going to put a majority of their profits towards charity, which is always a good thing! So brownie points go to them!

So what do you think of the ZX Spectrum Vega? Do you like it? Do you dislike it? Are you going to get one!? Leave a comment down below!