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So… that new XBox then…


Wow, talk about confusing dates for this new XBox reveal. First I thought it was the 10th of May, then I was told it was the 29th of May. And now it’s going to be announced in two parts, the first part will be today, the 21st, and the second part will be the 29th. Either Microsoft has developed a huge ego to announce their new XBox or Microsoft is quickly trying to assemble their machines so that people can see it sooner.

Still, I hope I don’t want one… I’m sick with Microsoft’s XBox team, make more interesting games that doesn’t get ported to the PC, then I might pay some attention!

…Yes I’m aware that the logo up there is a fake, but I’d rather stick that one up than an XBox 360 logo when it’s going to be replaced…

The Next XBox name revealed a day before it’s announcement?

So yeah, last night, IGN left a Facebook update showing this image…


So yeah, XBox Infinity. I’m pretty sure this was once a joke on Cheap Ass Gamer on one April Fools that got them into trouble with Kotaku. It’ll be funny if it’s the actual name seeing that they will announce the next console later today. I just hope I won’t want it!

Unique Games: Every Extend Extend

OK, OK, I’ve been very lazy recently with my blog writing, and I’ve hardly wrote anything for the week. So allow me to tell you about a unique game on the PlayStation Portable called Every Extend Extra…
Published by Q Games, the guys behind Lunines on the PlayStation Portable. Every Extend Extra is a very unique game that plays somewhat like a bullet hell sh’mup, but not quite…

Let me explain to you what’s happening in this video, it’s very hard to explain what’s happening unless you actual play the game. but the idea behind Every Extend Extra (I’ll just call it EEE from now on, too many words beginning with “E”) is that you move a bomb around the screen as enemies appear in groups, as you close in on an enemy, you press the X button to detonated the bomb, and you kill the enemy on the screen,  however you’ll lose a life too. But that enemy will explode too, and it’s explosion range can kill off other enemies, causing a chain reaction. The bigger the chain reaction, the more points you earn, the more lives, called extends, hence the name “Every Extend Extra”. The game is simply about timing explosions right to rack up huge chain reactions to earn lots of points and lives, however there is a little more to it than that. There are power up that need to be picked up, you’ll notice in the video above that there are white, green and pink enemies. These are your basic enemies, the white enemies are the most common, when you blow them up they don’t drop anything. Blowing up the green enemies will drop green crystals, these give you bonus points. Blowing up the pink enemies will drop pink crystals, these earn you a “Quicken”, which allows you to move the bomb quicker across the screen, but in turn will make the enemies move faster too. However in each stage, there’s a unique “Larger enemy”, simply called a mini boss. Mini Bosses can shoot lasers at your bomb, causing you to loose a life without detonating. but if you blow up a mini boss, they drop a yellow crystal, which give you more time on the clock when collected.
At the end of each stage, there’s a boss themed around the style of the level. The boss shown above is very much like a carousel, a carousel with KILLER LASERS! It attempts to lure you inside and zap you with lasers, but the idea behind the bosses in this game is to get them caught up in chain reactions from exploding grunts; and the more explosions it get caught in, the more damage it does. In this case, the killer carousel is made of two halves, and you’ll have to take each one out at a time. Though once one is gone, it’ll go into a shooting frenzy, and you’ll have to dodge bullets and wait for a good chance to get the second half caught in a huge chain reaction of explosions.
Let’s say you don’t want to play this game on the PlayStation Portable. You either don’t own one, and/or you’d rather play it on a big screen. Well you’re in luck sunshine! There’s a sequel made on the Xbox 360’s Live arcade called “Every Extend Extra Extreme”, or “E4” for short…
The Xbox Live arcade game is a little different to the PlayStation Portable game as there’s bosses or level progression, it’s all about building huge scores in an near endless game. The gameplay is identical to it’s PlayStation Portable counterpart, except there’s now a new rhythm game play element added to it. There’s a bar on the bottom of the screen that pulses, this acts like a metronome, the idea behind this is that when you detonate your bomb at the apex of the metronome bar, you earn a multiplier on top of the points you earn from your chain reaction. Adding to the rhythm elements of the game, you can add your own music to the game, where it will find out how many beats per second the song is, and builds the metronome bar around the musics beat.

But there’s one very good and insane reason to own E4, it’s crazy leaderboards! You might think hitting a million points in a game is good, heck hitting a billion points is god-like. Think again… Trillions of points! Adequately called “The Trillionaire’s Club”, this is one hell of a leaderboard! This makes Twin Galaxies look like a Cub Scout group! Sorry if that might offend people, I love the idea of Twin Galaxies, but when you have scores in the trillions, it’s a totally different story! Last time I looked, the person at first place scored something on the lines on thirty three trillion points! That’s insane! It’s a pure gaming marathon score that, and I would love to have three days to myself with no interruptions just to see if I could beat that score!

If you’re interested in getting these games, you can get the PlayStation Portable game new as low as £2.95 from the Game Collection website!

You can download Every Extend Extra Extreme from Xbox Live Market Place for 800 Microsoft Points.

Alternatively, if you’re one of those types who want all their games to be on physical discs. No fear! There’s a collection of Q Entertainment games on one Xbox 360 disc called “Qubed”. Though to be honest, it was released in limited numbers, and very hard to find, therefore people like to hike the price up a bit for it!

Why do I still own an Xbox360?

OK, it got me thinking, after my last post about my little rant about screwed over you get if you’re a non-live user. So…  Why do I still own a 360 then?

Pinball Simulation…

Arabian Nights without the financial limitations and finding physical space? Count me in!
One thing I do like about the current generation is how Pinball Simulation has improved little by little. Now granted, you can play these games on the PS3, Wii, and even tablet computers. But it so happens that I got these pinball games on the Xbox 360 before I even owned a PS3 and a tablet computer. But even then, that’s not entirely true as there’s a very good set of pinball games made for PSP that are very good too, infact I would even say that the PSP games got me into getting Pinball games for the 360.

Pinball FX1/2

Pinball FX was the first Pinball game I got the Xbox 360. And for a pinball game that’s not based on actual real tables, it’s a very good effort. It certainly feels like pinball, and Pinball FX 2 even goes far as including franchises such as Marvel, ‘Splosion Man and Plants Vs. Zombies. Plus it includes a great tables called Epic Quest where by it mixes pinball with role playing games very well whilst mixing a good dose of humour!
A pinball quest of finding loot!
The Arabic themed table, Pasha, is a very entertaining table in Pinball FX 2
The Street Fighter 2 table from Pinball FX 1 might not be based on the real Gottlieb SF2 table, but it’s still great fun!

Williams Pinball Classics

This game is actually hard to come by on disc over here in PAL territories, but fortunately, Microsoft made this available as a download for about £15. Feels a little steep, but when people are selling copies on eBay for a whopping £25 second-hand, a £15 download sounds damn cheap to me!
Medievil Madness, one of my favourite pinball machines, now to own in digital form!

Who wouldn’t play FunHouse!?
The masochistic yet awesome Black Knight!

Pinball Arcade

Unlike the Williams Pinball Classics on the 360, and the Gottlieb Collection on the PSP and Wii. The Pinball Arcade is a collection of great pinball machines from Bally, Williams, Gottlieb and Stern to give you the best Pinball simulation experience possible. To do this, FarSight Studios, the developers of the game, took each pinball machine, took it to pieces, examined each piece and made a 3D model of it. Then they put the 3D model pieces together in the game to build the most realistic pinball tables in digital form.
Bride of Pinbot in all of her metal cladded glory on your Xbox 360.
The very luminescent Black Hole.
The Famous KickStarter funded Twilight Zone Table.
So with all these awesome pinball tables, with descent pinball physics, and great gameplay, plus not being anywhere close to a descent pinball arcade, my Xbox 360 is my number one place to play some good pinball!

Why I dislike Xbox Live…

Why do I dislike Xbox Live?
Simple, it’s a massive rip-off…
Not only that, but there are issues that I have to address about the service, the total lock down and removal of services made to you when you stop your Xbox Live subscription. If you’re like most people with a games  console, chances are you’re treating it like a media centre and a way to view online services such as Netflix, Crackle, and maybe some TV on demand like BBC iPlayer, and 4OD. But let’s say you hardly play games online any more and you can’t afford to keep your Xbox Live subscription. You can end your subscription, but when it expires, you can’t use ANY of the Apps Xbox Live provides, despite the fact you can go over to your PC and use the same services without the need of an Xbox Live Gold account!
So many apps to download on the 360, but if you don’t have a paying subscription with Live, it’s a no go!
This annoys me, you invest money in services like Netflix, about £5 a month, and you discover that you then have to pay an extra £40 or so a year to use it on the Xbox360. Personally I find this slightly offensive. but then I notices that Destructiod mentions that Netflix will be avalible to any Xbox user over the weekend…

#Netflix on #XBox360 for non-gold subscribers for just the weekend? Unlock it for good Microsoft! destructoid.com/microsoft-grac… #notcool #noexcuse
— Great Bit Blog (@GreatBitBlog) January 31, 2013

Seriously…  for Netflix that’s free to use (after a paying subscription) on the PC, why pay ANOTHER subscription to use it on a another piece of hardware. Now granted, there are A LOT of people who use Xbox Live, but it isn’t evevyone, and that’s what bothers me. Microsoft is denying access to something you can use on the Xbox when you can just walk over to your PC and use Netflix without the need of another subscription. It’s a huge “F-You” to the customers.
And then there’s the people on Live…  Guru Larry knows this far too well!
And this is how I feel about Live, mentioned on Live… lol, Ashen got it in one shot!

So yeah, it’s not worth it people…  As I’ve said before, the Xbox 360 is pretty much a machine for people who don’t know how to put a computer together, and even then it’s not hard! So Yeah, head to Aria or NewEgg and build a PC you fools!

Return to the Review: Galaga Legions

OK, here’s a section I’m going to introduce, “Return to the Review”, this is where I pull out a review I wrote back a few years a go. So here’s a review for XBox Live Arcade’s Galaga Legions.

Galaga was one game that I remember when I was very small, and to hear that it would get a proper sequel sound awesome considering that all the other versions of this game were just ports or remakes of the classic arcade game. 
The game feels like Geometry Wars in which you can move across the whole screen; however you can only shoot up. This is where the satellites come in; you can place a satellite to shoot up, down, left and right with the right analogue stick, however the satellites stays static in that place until you go back to it and pick it up by moving over it. This is where I felt a little put off by this game, the original Galaga was nothing like this, it was more like a beefed up version of Space Invaders, where you can only move left and right and just shoot upwards. 
Another part of this game that I was disappointed with is it’s method of shooting, there’s two ways or doing this, Automatic and Manual mode. Automatic mode shoots lasers without the need to press the right trigger, whilst Manual mode needs the player to pull the right trigger in order to shoot; but the shooting it more like a modern Sh’mup where you create a horde of lasers rather than shooting individual lasers with multiple button presses. Plus the point to the original Galaga game was all to do with how accurate you gun down the aliens, but this is gone in this new game. In general the game doesn’t really feel like a Galaga game at all, and more like a new game that sports sprites that match those seen in the Galaga arcade game. 
However I did find some things in the gameplay that I did enjoy. In certain points in each area of the game, a possession item will appear, the idea to this is that you keep on shooting it until it breaks, and it’ll cause a black hole that consumes all enemies on the screen. After a few seconds the consumed aliens will come back out, but they’ll be on your side and will allow you to shoot a huge barrage of lasers against the enemy, plus they can attach themselves to the satellites meaning that the added fire power can be shot in each direction. 
As for the graphics, the game is presented in a cool updated mode, which is pretty to look at. At the same time there are two different style modes, Original mode, where you get the updated looking ship, and Vintage mode, where you can play with the original ship seen in the arcade game; however in Vintage mode you’ll only get a sprite change, the background is the same like in Original mode. The game has a look that matches itself with Pac Man Championship Edition; Smooth, Updated, yet at the same time not totally over the top; which is good considering that we all know what happened to Sonic the Hedgehog. I wished that I own an HDTV to really see what this game is like in 720p. 

Sound? Well the game features the original score heard from the arcade game, yet it remixes it into an awesome soundtrack. What’s nice about the music is that just like the graphics; it’s updated, but not totally over the top, and will leave you humming to it. Sound effects on the other hand are a little lack-luster, rather than coming up with new ways to update the classic sounds of lasers, alien swoops and explosions; it sticks to more of an Ikaruga style sound effects where the lasers and explosions match that of modern Sh’mups. It’s not a bad thing, but since PacMan C.E. managed to keep all the sound effects in place, you’d think they would do the same here. 
In conclusion, this is an OK game; it’s not bad, but it’s not amazing. If I was to compare games here; Pac Man C.E. is better than Galaga Legions, and so is Space Invaders Extreme. Space Invaders Extreme is a great example of how you reinvent an old game; Galaga Legions though isn’t quite there. As I mentioned above, it’s more of a new game that inherits graphics from an older game. I could easily think of plenty of ways to improve this game and make it feel like Galaga, just like how Pac Man C.E. was to Pac Man, and how Space Invaders Extreme was to Space Invaders. In my opinion Namco should have worked on this game a little longer and work in ways to make it feel a lot more like the classic arcade game. In the long run it’s not bad, and I’m not saying it totally stinks, but as I’ve played the original before, I was expecting more of the same, but it turns into something a lot more different. 
Should I recommend this game? This is where it gets tough… like I said, it’s not a bad game, but retro gamers may feel put off from its new gameplay mechanics. However the “Halo” crowd may enjoy this game, but will have no idea what its legacy is. For 800 Microsoft points, the game does feel a little steep considering that it feels like another twin stick shooter; its best that you download both demos of Legions and the Original arcade game onto your hard drive and personally decide which game you like better. In this case I would’ve chosen the original game, but hey, I wouldn’t be able to write this review without getting the full version of this game!


OK, I can’t understand how in one day SO MUCH HAPPENS IN THE GAMING WORLD! …I better report on it!
*Insert Inception “BOW” sound here*
First off, details about the PlayStation4/Orbis came out today revealing some specifications and details about accounts and the next PlayStation controller.
Here were a few specs that were announced today…
  • System Memory: 8GB
  • Video Memory: 2.2 GB
  • CPU: 4x Dual-Core AMD64 “Bulldozer” (so, 8x cores)
  • GPU: AMD R10xx
  • Ports: 4x USB 3.0, 2x Ethernet
  • Drive: Blu-Ray
  • HDD: 160GB
  • Audio Output: HDMI & Optical, 2.0, 5.1 & 7.1 channels
OK…  8 Gigs of RAM, check, my PC has that, 2.2 gigs of Video memory, impressive, that’s twice as much memory than what’s on my PC’s graphics card. 8 core processor, wasn’t the “Cell processor” an 8 core anyway…?
…But here’s the interesting bit, the GPU is an AMD R10xx, there isn’t a lot said about this GPU, but from what I’ve read it appears that it can share GPU time from the main processor, and if requested, the CPU can get more time from the GPU. Meaning that load balancing between graphics and maths can be met even if More maths, or more graphics are required.
What’s this in layman terms? Well, it simply means that the machine could potentially do a lot more than what it says on paper. AMD created a CPU, called the APU, where cores could switch between a CPU, for maths, or a GPU, for graphics. But what the R10xx is either boost the CPU speed, for times when you need more processing power, but in turn, the CPU can assist the graphics card for when really intense graphics come in and the GPU alone might not be able to handle. This means that the hardware in the PS4/Orbis might have some potential to a great deal of stuff, even when it doesn’t look so great on paper.
Plus there’s news and rumours about what the next PlayStation controller might be like. What’s been speculated at the moment (yes it’s not quite official yet) is that it’ll have an Ouya style track pad in the middle of the controller, and that it will have a built in memory for user accounts, meaning that purchased games are not going to be tied down to a console, rather they’ll be tied to a controller. Meaning you can take your controller to your friend’s house and play your PSN purchases on his/her PS4/Orbis without account complications.
Xbox 720: New name, turbo specs and a tablet revealed!
The Gadget Show announced details about the next XBox, and it’s just called “XBox”…  Yeah, what’s what it says in the article. Let’s just hope we don’t confuse this new XBox with the original 2002 XBox… It’s been confirmed that the “New XBox” will run a system that’s based on Windows 8 (really now?) and uses an AMD 8 core processor (Oh really now! funny that, so is PS4!).

According to The Gadget Show, Microsoft’s Illumi Room technology, which was shown off at CES a week a go, will be used in the “New XBox”. Illumi Room is a technology where by using projectors, you can increase the size of the game screen to the whole room, or use more subtle effects such as red flashes when you get shot in a first person shooter.

The “New Xbox” (I’m getting sick of calling it that by the way), isn’t going to be the only piece of gaming hardware from the next generation Microsoft hardware. It’s been rumoured that Microsoft is building a gaming tablet called the “X Surface” in similar vein to the Microsoft Surface, will be another Windows 8 based tablet that works in conjunction with the “New XBox” either for media controls or Wii-U style game play.

…Seriously, I’m not getting a new XBox, Microsoft can suck Xbox Live, seriously…

So, the trifecta of gaming news ends with Nintendo, as they announce new games for the Wii-U on their latest Nintendo Direct that was broadcasted this morning.

Nintendo is celebrating the Famicom’s thirty year anniversary by releasing a Wii-U “Gamepad-i-fied” virtual console game each month for the dirt cheap price of 30 cents.

UPDATE: The 30 cents offer works as a 30 day rental, after 30 days, the game expires, you you have the choice of purchasing it or not. But users who own the Wii version of the virtual console game can purchase the GamePad-i-fied version at a discounted price of 99 cents.

Yes, it does mean that you’ll have to download a new version of a Virtual console game after buying so many for the Wii. But for 30 cents it’s not TOO bad, it’s just a shame that they can’t just upgrade all your Virtual console games to have GamePad support for 30 cents a game. Guess you can’t win all the time huh?

Each month, Nintendo will release a single Wii-U-i-fied virtual console game with GamePad support each month, starting with Balloon Fight for this month of January. Personally I’d rather see more games, but for 30 cents a game, maybe Nintendo is seeing the whole iOS/Android 99 cents games as being a big deal and wants to join the Apps bandwagon.

More details on Bayonetta 2 were announced, such as a peep at Bayonetta’s new clothes and guns. New locations such as a Cyberpunk world and a broken down cathedral. I loved the first game, and if there’s a game that might get me to buy a Wii-U it might very well be this one!

A Shin Megami Tensei – Fire Emblem crossover!? I so didn’t see this coming?! Not a lot of details about this one, though it would be interesting to see how they match these two franchises…

Titled “X”, this is Monolith Soft’s (the creators of XenoGears and XenoBlade) next game for the Wii-U. They haven’t announced if this is, or not a sequel to Xenoblade on the Wii. But looks at the game’s HUD and combat, it’s clearly a sequel, and I’m kind of excited for it!

Eiji Aonuma has announced that he’s working on a high definition version of Zelda Wind Waker for Wii-U. Adding a lot of detail with light and textures, and it looks very pretty! Mind you Wind Waker isn’t the best game in the Zelda franchise, but it isn’t the worst either. It’ll be nice if they add more content in this version such as new dungeons and temples, as Shigeru Miyamoto didn’t have a chance to truly finish working on Wind Waker.

Update: Here’s the full Nintendo Direct video that was broadcast this morning.

So yeah, lots of console news and talk today! So much in one day! It’s like super early E3! Hope you like what you’ve heard today. Write down any comments below and I might reply to them!