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An incy, teenie, weenie, tiny, bit more faith in Nintendo… Sort of…


So yeah, as the year comes to a close, Nintendo hasn’t done terribly well. The Wii U is a bit of a flop, and I have hardly purchased any more games for my 3DS, even though I should go and get myself a copy of Fire Emblem Awakening, I just don’t have any “drive” to go out and purchase anything Nintendo related; despite being a big Nintendo fan. Something that has bothered me a little is how Nintendo has treated the Super Mario franchise recently, rather than try something new and refreshing, they’re simply “rehashing” the game in sequels. Out of eight Mario titles that have been released in the last five years, only three of them have been original. Those being Mario Galaxy, New Super Mario Bros, and Mario 3D Land. Since then there has been a Mario Galaxy 2, three more New Super Mario Bros, and an upcoming Super Mario 3D World being released on a console that’s not made for a stereoscopic 3D screen; kind of ironic really… Continue reading


OK, I can’t understand how in one day SO MUCH HAPPENS IN THE GAMING WORLD! …I better report on it!
*Insert Inception “BOW” sound here*
First off, details about the PlayStation4/Orbis came out today revealing some specifications and details about accounts and the next PlayStation controller.
Here were a few specs that were announced today…
  • System Memory: 8GB
  • Video Memory: 2.2 GB
  • CPU: 4x Dual-Core AMD64 “Bulldozer” (so, 8x cores)
  • GPU: AMD R10xx
  • Ports: 4x USB 3.0, 2x Ethernet
  • Drive: Blu-Ray
  • HDD: 160GB
  • Audio Output: HDMI & Optical, 2.0, 5.1 & 7.1 channels
OK…  8 Gigs of RAM, check, my PC has that, 2.2 gigs of Video memory, impressive, that’s twice as much memory than what’s on my PC’s graphics card. 8 core processor, wasn’t the “Cell processor” an 8 core anyway…?
…But here’s the interesting bit, the GPU is an AMD R10xx, there isn’t a lot said about this GPU, but from what I’ve read it appears that it can share GPU time from the main processor, and if requested, the CPU can get more time from the GPU. Meaning that load balancing between graphics and maths can be met even if More maths, or more graphics are required.
What’s this in layman terms? Well, it simply means that the machine could potentially do a lot more than what it says on paper. AMD created a CPU, called the APU, where cores could switch between a CPU, for maths, or a GPU, for graphics. But what the R10xx is either boost the CPU speed, for times when you need more processing power, but in turn, the CPU can assist the graphics card for when really intense graphics come in and the GPU alone might not be able to handle. This means that the hardware in the PS4/Orbis might have some potential to a great deal of stuff, even when it doesn’t look so great on paper.
Plus there’s news and rumours about what the next PlayStation controller might be like. What’s been speculated at the moment (yes it’s not quite official yet) is that it’ll have an Ouya style track pad in the middle of the controller, and that it will have a built in memory for user accounts, meaning that purchased games are not going to be tied down to a console, rather they’ll be tied to a controller. Meaning you can take your controller to your friend’s house and play your PSN purchases on his/her PS4/Orbis without account complications.
Xbox 720: New name, turbo specs and a tablet revealed!
The Gadget Show announced details about the next XBox, and it’s just called “XBox”…  Yeah, what’s what it says in the article. Let’s just hope we don’t confuse this new XBox with the original 2002 XBox… It’s been confirmed that the “New XBox” will run a system that’s based on Windows 8 (really now?) and uses an AMD 8 core processor (Oh really now! funny that, so is PS4!).

According to The Gadget Show, Microsoft’s Illumi Room technology, which was shown off at CES a week a go, will be used in the “New XBox”. Illumi Room is a technology where by using projectors, you can increase the size of the game screen to the whole room, or use more subtle effects such as red flashes when you get shot in a first person shooter.

The “New Xbox” (I’m getting sick of calling it that by the way), isn’t going to be the only piece of gaming hardware from the next generation Microsoft hardware. It’s been rumoured that Microsoft is building a gaming tablet called the “X Surface” in similar vein to the Microsoft Surface, will be another Windows 8 based tablet that works in conjunction with the “New XBox” either for media controls or Wii-U style game play.

…Seriously, I’m not getting a new XBox, Microsoft can suck Xbox Live, seriously…

So, the trifecta of gaming news ends with Nintendo, as they announce new games for the Wii-U on their latest Nintendo Direct that was broadcasted this morning.

Nintendo is celebrating the Famicom’s thirty year anniversary by releasing a Wii-U “Gamepad-i-fied” virtual console game each month for the dirt cheap price of 30 cents.

UPDATE: The 30 cents offer works as a 30 day rental, after 30 days, the game expires, you you have the choice of purchasing it or not. But users who own the Wii version of the virtual console game can purchase the GamePad-i-fied version at a discounted price of 99 cents.

Yes, it does mean that you’ll have to download a new version of a Virtual console game after buying so many for the Wii. But for 30 cents it’s not TOO bad, it’s just a shame that they can’t just upgrade all your Virtual console games to have GamePad support for 30 cents a game. Guess you can’t win all the time huh?

Each month, Nintendo will release a single Wii-U-i-fied virtual console game with GamePad support each month, starting with Balloon Fight for this month of January. Personally I’d rather see more games, but for 30 cents a game, maybe Nintendo is seeing the whole iOS/Android 99 cents games as being a big deal and wants to join the Apps bandwagon.

More details on Bayonetta 2 were announced, such as a peep at Bayonetta’s new clothes and guns. New locations such as a Cyberpunk world and a broken down cathedral. I loved the first game, and if there’s a game that might get me to buy a Wii-U it might very well be this one!

A Shin Megami Tensei – Fire Emblem crossover!? I so didn’t see this coming?! Not a lot of details about this one, though it would be interesting to see how they match these two franchises…

Titled “X”, this is Monolith Soft’s (the creators of XenoGears and XenoBlade) next game for the Wii-U. They haven’t announced if this is, or not a sequel to Xenoblade on the Wii. But looks at the game’s HUD and combat, it’s clearly a sequel, and I’m kind of excited for it!

Eiji Aonuma has announced that he’s working on a high definition version of Zelda Wind Waker for Wii-U. Adding a lot of detail with light and textures, and it looks very pretty! Mind you Wind Waker isn’t the best game in the Zelda franchise, but it isn’t the worst either. It’ll be nice if they add more content in this version such as new dungeons and temples, as Shigeru Miyamoto didn’t have a chance to truly finish working on Wind Waker.

Update: Here’s the full Nintendo Direct video that was broadcast this morning.

So yeah, lots of console news and talk today! So much in one day! It’s like super early E3! Hope you like what you’ve heard today. Write down any comments below and I might reply to them!

Christmas Wii U Time

Christmas has come and past. In that duration of family time spent eating food, drinking booze, and playing the greatest game of dice to steal my other cousin’s presents! I had a real go of spending some time on my youngest cousin’s Wii U console that he received from his Mum.

He got himself three games, Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros U, and ZombieU. First things first, as expected, after reading a billion articles about it from launch day, my cousin was whining about the big update that was required to start the system, however we were all occupied trying to help my Aunt out with the cooking that it wasn’t so much of a problem, in fact we took the controller stand into the kitchen and sat the game pad on the kitchen counter so that we could glance at it to see so far it got to updating. This took about 30 mins or so, a crazy amount of time for a console update, but it was fortunate that at the time we were busy, so it wasn’t a huge issue for us.

After doing the preparation on the cooking, the Wii U was waiting for us, and we popped New Super Mario Bros U into the system, and well, it’s New Super Mario Bros, but it’s in HD, finally. It was fun playing it with my cousins at the time, but it really is just the same game as the three games before it, which is kinda bad considering that between 1985 and 2007, almost every other Mario game was different to the next (OK OK, I know that the Japanese Super Mario Bros 2 was just a harder version of Mario1, but in the west we didn’t see it until the SNES days). Since 2007 and the present, there’s only been one original Mario game, Super Mario Land 3D. Which is pretty sad to be honest since I would love to see an Original Mario title for the Wii U in the same way that Mario 64 got me when I was 13. Still, I have to remember that the Game Cube and the Wii wasn’t released with a real Mario game, and even if this is simply a game play clone of another Mario game, it’s still a Mario game that got released with the system. The one thing I did get to check out was the ability to play the game on the GamePad, out the room where the Wii U was set up. This was kinda cool as I took it downstairs and could still play the game, the reception was pretty good, though there was a part of the kitchen and dining room that we couldn’t get reception in, but in the living room it was loud, clear and responsive. From spending that little bit of time actually playing a game on the GamePad, I got to see the video quality. As I expected, it’s not super duper HD like what you’d get on an HDTV, but it’s what I’d like to call “Watching an HD video on Youtube” quality. There’s a little bit of artifaction, and a tiny bit of colour bleed, but you’d have to be one of those lonely fools at your Christmas College Alumni dinners who’s complaining about how one method of video encoding is better than the other, and before you say it, no it wasn’t me, I was trying to toxicate myself with alcohol. All that being said, about being able to play on the pad is pretty cool, but it’s not really worth the £300 price tag!

Zombie U, or what little I played of it, as my cousins kept stopping me when I attempted to play the single player campaign, so all that I got to play was the multiplayer game. I knew that the game itself was a single player affair, but to my cousins they use the typical Xbox 360 logic of “If game = FPS, then FPS has multiplayer mode like every other FPS”. Which in this case it doesn’t, the multiplayer on Zombie is a bit tacked on, a bit like what they did with Bioshock 2, but this multiplayer is a little different than your typical FPS death match or capture the flag, well, those modes are on there, but the difference is that player 2 uses the gamepad to populate the map with zombies. Each zombie is worth an amount of virus which you slowly earn back, or gain quickly if your zombies hurt the player 1. There are 3 different zombies to start with, the guard, as it’s describes, it stand in a place and only attacks when the player approaches it. The Hunter, a Zombie that will keep on chasing after the player, and a grunt, which you use in the capture the flag mode so that Player 2 on the gamepad earns flags. To be honest, being player 2 on this is a little better then playing as the guy in the game, for starters you’re really slow, and you can’t keep the run button held down because your character will run out of breath. As my cousins played this together, one cousin would scream that he has to press a button to pick boxes up from the ground to get ammo and stuff and wishes it played more like a Call of Duty… Again, I’d hate to think that these fools though that it was a Left 4 Dead game, at least I’m more informed about this game than they are. The only way I could really give an opinion about this game was if I had a chance to play the single player game, as it’s simply an FPS version of Dark Souls set in London, infected with zombies. Sounds great, but we HAD to play together, and the system wasn’t mine fortunately, I’m not paying £300 for one of these.

The there’s Nintendo Land, where I barely had a chance to play it, all I got to play was a mini game where once you collect coins from one game, you put it into a pachinko like machine where you play what I can only describe as 8-bit Peggle! You shoot a coin as if it’s a pachinko ball bearing, and you have to put a coin in each of the holes at the bottom. The idea being you can’t land a coin in the same hole, you have to get a coin in each hole to than earn a question mark block that places an item in the Nintendo Land park.

In conclusion, it’s a little better actually having more time to play with the system, but I will still agree, even when they announced it, the price is too damn high. I mean sure there’s a controller with a screen in it. But with the games that came out and the long updates, it’s not worth the £300 price tag. The Wii U just feels like it was rushed to make it out before Christmas. The beauty about the original Wii was that it was cheap, had descent games at launch, despite no Mario game, at least there was a Zelda game, and it was a lot more “involved” than the Wii U. The system itself feels more like a system concentrated around the single player experience rather than the multiplayer, even though the modes were there, my cousins and I really wanted to use the Gamepad rather than look at the screen, which was pretty dull. In essence, the Wii-U needs to grow a bit before it’ll become popular. It needs more games and more media exposure before it’ll have the same kind of popularity that the system before had, and hopefully as it’s now on par with the 360 and PS3, hopefully people won’t find it has an excuse to throw poorly developed games on to it, I’m looking at you Ubisoft! Even if you did make ZombieU, you released all those terrible pet games on the Wii, so I’m keeping a good damn eye on you!