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Video Games Vs. Television


As I was playing Locomalito’s Verminian Trap on the Ouya, my Mother asked if this was the best use of my spare time. This is coming from a person for whom watches four to eight hours of TV a day; the TV that I bought for £300, with the cable service that I pay a monthly fee for that I barely even use. Putting aside the fact that I’m in a personal situation that I wish I had a damn place of my own. It made me think about what’s better, video games or broadcast television. My Mother responded something to the likes of “I get to learn something from TV”, but this made me think, TV just presents itself to you, whilst video games require interaction in order to proceed. Continue reading

Happy Guy Fawkes Night!

Yup, on the 5th of November, us Brits celebrate something called “Guy Fawkes Night”, where we celebrate the fact we executed a terrorist who attempted to blow up the House of Commons and Lords with dynamite and failed. Sounds a bit gruesome and nasty, but unlike the depiction of Guy Fawkes in V For Vendetta, Guy was a nut case who ran around Germany and Holland killing off Lutherans to support the Catholic Roman Holy Empire… So yeah, he deserved what he got to be honest… But let’s not think of that! Let’s think about why us Brits like Guy Fawkes night! Beer, bonfires, and fireworks! So let me show off Fireworks in Video games!


The first example of Fireworks in video games that I can think of is in Super Mario Bros on the NES. By grabbing the flag pole at the end on the level with the last digit on the time showing a number six, you’re awarded bonus points and six fireworks shooting off. You can do the same thing with three as the last digit on the time for three fireworks, and one for one firework. Continue reading

Want to be a part of a "Debate-Cast"?

Here’s your chance to get into something I’ve come up with. Something that I call a “Debate-Cast”. It goes something like this…

  • I create a debatable subject.
  • I then get hold of some people on Skype and talk about it, and record it as a podcast.
  • I edit, and transcribe the recording onto the blog, and release the recording as a podcast to download.

So… Who’d like to be a part of the first “Debate-Cast”…?

The subject will be…

Are Video games toys?

Head over to the GameGavel Forums for more details, leave a message there or leave a comment below if you’d like to join, I’m hoping to get a balanced number of people who agree and disagree with the subject.