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Over thinking Video Games: Ms PacMan


After having a conversation on Twitter about how to pronounce, Taito and Qix. Mister Virtvic of Ten Pence Arcade admitted to us that he called Ms. PacMan, Mrs PacMan. It got me thinking. Women with the title of Ms. these days are divorced. Making me realise, who was she married to before?!

Let the over thinking begin!!!

Do be aware that none of this is real and is made to be comedic, satirical, and humorous.

Ms. PacMan was introduced in 1982; so I can assume it’ll be a male character of a Namco arcade game before then. This leaves with these arcade men!


The first set of suspects in my list are the ghosts themselves; Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde. Could any of these been divorced by Ms. PacMan? It might be a clue to why they’re chasing after her in the arcade game. Why would she die after being captured by them is a worrying thought. It also brings up the question of if Pinky is female or not? Could be male on the same vein as Mister Pink in Reservoir Dogs, or it could be a female, and might have been scorned in a lesbian relationship. Even worse is the thought that they’re ghosts, meaning that they have died at one point. Could Ms. PacMan be a Black Widow, killing her ex-husbands who now haunt her as ghosts!? #creepy.
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