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Let’s Play The Silver Case: Part 3 “Fortune Telling Teeth!”

As I play the next chapter, I notice how this is based on the demo that was released a while ago, though ironically I would talk about it in the video and get most of the plot wrong! Silly me!

However, be the witness of fortune telling teeth!

Let’s Play The Silver Case: Part 2 “I can’t door!”

So yeah, I skipped out on a recording because I’m dumb! Not only did I forget that my audio levels, but I spent 10 minutes trying to work out how to open a damn door in this game! I’ll make you skip that madness and make another video where I make progress instead! Not to mention that I finish the prelude chapter. Not quite like demo that I played, but it’s pretty damn interesting! Is our killer spreading a “Murder Virus”?

Who Knows?

Great Bit Let’s Play: Let’s Play The Silver Case Part 1!

Being the Suda51 that I am, I’ve always had a curiosity about the first game that Grasshopper Manufacture made back in 1999 on the PlayStation. What’s awesome is that this game has never been localised before, and now it’s happened, so the Suda51 fan boy in me can jump in joy to finally play this visual novel in English!

DISCLAIMER:- Yes I suck with the audio levels in this video because I set the game audio to be twice as loud rather than the mic. I am sorry! Fortunately you can read what I’m reading on screen. so it’s not all that bad… kinda…

Intellivision Gen2 is coming out on PC and Mac


Today on The Retro Magazine website, the Blue Sky Rangers, Realtime Associates and Retro Magazine will be working together to get the Intellivision Gen2 games onto PC and Mac.


Intellivision Gen2 began as a set of games playable from the PlayStation 3 Home online service. It eventually appeared on the PlayStation Vita as downloadable games before making it’s way onto iOS and Android. These games were, AstroSmash, Shark!Shark! and NightTrap, they were remade and designed with new school graphics whilst maintaining the original gameplay mechanics of their original games on the Intellivision. It was announced that Utopia, Sea Battle, Deadly Discs, and Snafu might appear too on the PC version of Intellivision Gen2.

You can read more about this on the Retro Managazine Web site.

You can join the Intellivision Gen2 Facebook page right here.

Unique Games: Bubble Ghost

There are plenty of great games on the Game Boy. Zelda Link’s Awaking, Donkey Kong, Tetris, Dr. Mario. The list goes on and on, but there’s one little incredibly underrated game that hardly anyone has heard of. And that’s Bubble Ghost!


Bubble Ghost is a maze game, but unlike most maze games where you’re confined to the walls of a maze or labyrinth. In Bubble Ghost, you play as a ghost who can actually go through walls, however there’s a bubble floating about, and the little ghost wants to leave this old house with his bubble in tact. Issue is, there’s plenty of stuff there to burst your precious little bubble.

Be it spikes, flames, hard dryers, or even the heat emitted from candles can burst your little bubble. The idea is simple. You move from room to room, blowing your bubble away from any objects until you get to the final room whereby you can escape from the house with your bubble. The game has a total of 35 levels, and the GameBoy version has a great sound track. I had this game for quite some time and never thought about the game’s roots. I always thought that as it was released by Pony Canyon, a Japanese Software and media company, I thought it came from the east. But I was amazed to find out that it was originally developed closer to home…

Surprisingly, it was originally released on the Commodore 64 in France and later ported to the Atari ST and DOS in the US and Canada. What’s more interesting about this version is the fact that the ghost sprite looks different. Clearly the GameBoy version, had it’s design of the sprite not just so it would appeal to the Japanese audience, but so that it could fit on the GameBoy screens lower screen resolution so that it wouldn’t be too big on-screen.

The PC-DOS version of the game is now abandon-ware. Meaning that you can download the game without the fear of being accused of pirating. As Christophe Andrcani, the designer and programmer of the original game, doesn’t own the rights to it any more. Nor do Accolade, they went bust in 1999, and didn’t take the publishing rights of the game either.

Not only is the PC-DOS game abandon-ware, but there’s a remake of the GameBoy version done by Vision Software and Brothers Soft. You can download this right here.

Before I go though, here’s the music to the GameBoy game that brings back some good memories of gaming’s past!

Duck Tales, DRM Fails and Bioshock Infinite!

Okie doke, I’m getting REALLY rusty on this blogging stuff! Thinking I can do this on a daily basis and only write stuff out on a weekly basis, LMAO! So here’s a round up…

Duck Tails! Whoo hoo!

So yeah, PAX East happened, and there wasn’t a lot happening until a lot of us got a huge nostalgia boner for this!
“Life is like a hurricane, here in, Duckburg…”

I mean seriously, when do you get hype like this for a downloadable only game when it succeeds upcoming Triple A titles! What made this even better was hearing Peter Monlineux whine his little narcissistic face about how this game is getting more press than whatever the hell he’s doing…
Now I originally played this on the GameBoy, but when I got my NES version later on I was surprised with how close the two games are. The GameBoy version has it’s levels shorten down, but the sprites, animation and music are almost dead on to the NES game. But yes, out of the many Disney games that deserve a remake it’s DuckTails. I could say the MegaDrive version of Aladin too, but I highly doubt that’s going to happen any day soon…
Looking at the videos and the livestreams they had at PAX East, it looks like a very good and faithful remake of the NES game. However they’ve made the bosses tougher as they were a little on the easy side on the original NES game.

DRM Fails

Yup, the Games Industry is slowly admitting that DRM is messing up the customer base for games. You don’t say? lol!

“DRM is a failed dead-end strategy”–EA president F.Gibeau. j.mp/EAonDRM Nice! Another one sharing @gogcom‘s views. 😉
— GOGcom (@GOGcom) March 28, 2013

DRM is “a failed dead-end strategy” says EA’s Frank Gibeau. What tipped him off? pcgamer.com/2013/03/28/gdc…
— PC Gamer (@PC_Gamer) March 28, 2013

It’s a shame that it was SimCity(2013) that has caused this. I do like the game, and I haven’t had too many issues with the servers, though it would be nice to easily find a damn multiplayer game that isn’t totally filled, or start a multiplayer game where people join it :/ Still, it’s good to hear from the games industry that they’re admitting that DRM might not be a good idea…

Bioshock Infinite

Oh yes, the lovely Focus from the podcast that I co-host, Stalking the Retro, gave me a preorder for this game for Christmas. Well it came out, and it’s pretty damn good. It’s not perfect mind you, I’ll write up a review as soon as I beat the game, and I’ll tell you what’s not so hot about the game. But regardless of “some negativity”, it’s a pretty damn fun game, possibly the best so called “Triple A Title” I’ve played in for a while.
In the mean while, enjoy some pictures I took in-game…




So yes, lot’s of racism is the game! Kinda creepy to be honest, but this is a portrayal of America in the late 19th century to early 20th century. So racism and right wing religion ensues…