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I cried today in awe of a new Tetris game.

I sometimes wonder how I bloody function at times, seriously…

As mentioned in the title, Enhance, Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s new company after Q Entertainment and Sega have announced that they will be making the next Tetris game, Tetris Effect. For those who don’t know of Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s work, he was the man behind Space Channel 5, Rez, Lumines, and Every Extend Extra. It appears that this new Tetris game is going to be a sensory aural and visual experience with Mizuguchi’s legendary visualisations and music as you play the classic puzzle game that vaguely looks like the original Electronika 60 version, but with some futuristic neon visual effects. Continue reading

Happy Birthday PlayStation


I’ll admit, I’m not the biggest fan of Sony, nor am I huge fan of the PlayStation. But I will admit the fact that the PlayStation had a pretty impressive library of games for it. Since the release PlayStation 4, I’ve seen a lot of vinyl sticker packs to dress up your PS4 to make it look like an Atari 2600 or an NES; but I thought to myself “Why hasn’t they made a PS1 skin for the PS4 yet?” Well, the 20th anniversary of the PlayStation comes along, and now there’s a super limited edition version of the PS4 console donning the classic grey colour… Continue reading

A Catch with the PlayStation 4


With the PS4 and XBox One coming out in a few weeks, Kotaku published an article on their website quoting that the PlayStation 4 will not have DLNA on it.

Now for the not quite tech savvy people out there, “What is DLNA?” Well DLNA is a network protocol that allows machines such as PCs, Roku boxes, PS3s and XBox 360s to look for media on other machines. Continue reading

So… The Next Generation… Yeah…


So, it’s that time where we’re meant to get all excited about the new gaming hardware that’s coming out. OK, Nintendo did this a year in advance, but I’m including the Wii U as a whole for this particular article.

What gets me is that with this new generation coming, I should be excited, but I’m not, “Why?” you ask. It’s simple, looking at the games coming out, including the Wii U, it just doesn’t interest me in the slightest, and I know that in the next 2 to 3 years, PC tech would still be ahead of console gaming as a whole. Continue reading

Sony PlayStation 2013 Conference Tweets and Post Tweets

So, I just watched the PlayStation2013 conference. It was very long, and now it’s very late 1:15am!
I’ll write up some stuff tomorrow. but for the time being have a look at the tweets I wrote as I was watching it.

#PS4 logo shown. twitter.com/GreatBitBlog/s…
— Great Bit Blog (@GreatBitBlog) February 20, 2013

The new Dual Shock 4 #PlayStation2013 twitter.com/GreatBitBlog/s…
— Great Bit Blog (@GreatBitBlog) February 20, 2013

Knack, a PS4 mascot? #PlayStation2013 twitter.com/GreatBitBlog/s…
— Great Bit Blog (@GreatBitBlog) February 20, 2013

Intergrated gaming meaning that you’ll be able to play your games everywhere, even on your phone. #PlayStation2013 twitter.com/GreatBitBlog/s…
— Great Bit Blog (@GreatBitBlog) February 20, 2013

Drive Club? Where’s Gran Turismo? #PlayStation2013
— Great Bit Blog (@GreatBitBlog) February 20, 2013

A game about the fantasies of a Political activitist. oh joy, we’ll be hearing about this from Alex Jones… #PlayStation2013
— Great Bit Blog (@GreatBitBlog) February 21, 2013

Damn, it was the sequel to inFamous. inFAMOUS: Second Son. #PlayStation2013
— Great Bit Blog (@GreatBitBlog) February 21, 2013

This creepy face to show off how many polys to expect in a PS4 game. twitter.com/GreatBitBlog/s…
— Great Bit Blog (@GreatBitBlog) February 21, 2013

Make 3D graphics with the PSMove on the PS4. #PlayStation2013 twitter.com/GreatBitBlog/s…
— Great Bit Blog (@GreatBitBlog) February 21, 2013

Capcom showing off Deep Down, their next game that uses the Panta Rhei Engine. #PlayStation2013 twitter.com/GreatBitBlog/s…
— Great Bit Blog (@GreatBitBlog) February 21, 2013

Hmm… I saw this demo a while ago #Square. #PlayStation2013
— Great Bit Blog (@GreatBitBlog) February 21, 2013

Ooh! more talk of #WatchDogs! This is more like it! #PlayStation2013 @ubisoft
— Great Bit Blog (@GreatBitBlog) February 21, 2013

“You’re going to control all of it!” #WatchDogs @ubisoft #PlayStation2013 twitter.com/GreatBitBlog/s…
— Great Bit Blog (@GreatBitBlog) February 21, 2013

More #WatchDogs gameplay! Awesome! @ubisoft #PlayStation2013 twitter.com/GreatBitBlog/s…
— Great Bit Blog (@GreatBitBlog) February 21, 2013

Dang, I missed a chance to screen cap that, he used raisings bollards to take out a car! #WatchDogs @ubisoft #PlayStation2013
— Great Bit Blog (@GreatBitBlog) February 21, 2013

Diablo 3 on #PS4? #Blizzard #PlayStation2013 twitter.com/GreatBitBlog/s…
— Great Bit Blog (@GreatBitBlog) February 21, 2013

#Destiny on PS4. I guess there really is no PC version with mouse and Keyboard! @bungie #PlayStation2013 twitter.com/GreatBitBlog/s…
— Great Bit Blog (@GreatBitBlog) February 21, 2013

@gamesasylum Oh is so is last Sunday isn’t it? 😛 Come on give us a PC version! 😛 #Destiny @bungie (Waits on douchey comment back)
— Great Bit Blog (@GreatBitBlog) February 21, 2013

@patthenespunk 🙁 No they didn’t, such a shame… Come on @sony!
— Great Bit Blog (@GreatBitBlog) February 21, 2013

@majornelson That’s a very good point! They showed off the controller, but not the console… :/
— Great Bit Blog (@GreatBitBlog) February 21, 2013

@gamestmmag Would’ve been nice to see actual hardware rather than just a controller, heh! #PlayStation2013
— Great Bit Blog (@GreatBitBlog) February 21, 2013

@dtoid To be honest, #WatchDogs stole last year’s E3. And ironically it did it again. #FingersCrossed for a PC version of #WatchDogs
— Great Bit Blog (@GreatBitBlog) February 21, 2013

Hotline Miami has zero polygons. Sorry. 🙁
— Hotline Miami (@HotlineMiami) February 21, 2013

Pre 20th of February PlayStation 4 stuff…

OK, the PS4/Orbis is going to be announced this Wednesday. Either you’re excited or not, but there have been a few new titbits about the system before the announcement…

The Controller

A few days a go, this image emerged on the internet. It shows a prototype version of the PlayStation 4 controller with a developer system. It was then confirmed later on that day that this is official developer hardware, and that the controller shown is simply a wired version of what’s to come.
Based on the image above, Computer and Video games made up this artist impression of what we might be seeing in the final version of the controller. Interestingly, the Start and Select buttons from the previous PlayStation Dual Shock controllers have been removed to make way for a track pad similar to that of the back of the PlayStation Vita, and the centre of the Ouya controller. The controller is believed to feature a built in microphone and speaker, similar to what the Wii-U GamePad has. But the most interesting thing about the controller is it’s blue light on the top of it. It’s believed that the new PlayStation 4 controller will share similar functions to the PlayStation Move and can light up in different colours to represent different players, but is also thought to be similar to what’s found on some new Android phones that use an RGB LED to light up different notifications such as friend requests, online game invites and emails even when the system is turned off.
It’s all speculation at the moment just from a single image, but it would be interesting to see what’s in store for the PS4/Orbis controller.

Streamed Games

It was announced today that the PlayStation 4 will not have any “real” backward compatibility, however Sony has a joint-venture with Gaikai to stream PlayStation 1, 2 and 3 games to the PlayStation 4 via an internet connection to a central server, just like OnLive. The only issue I have with this is that well people are going to have to re-buy their games again, either that or pay a subscription fee to play games that they already own. Now Streaming the video and audio of a previous catalogue of games make sense from a hardware point of view as you don’t have to add old hardware to a new piece of hardware that might slow it down. But it still sucks that we might have to buy games again just to play them on new hardware. At this point there’s almost no point in selling off our old hardware as we might not be able to play our beloved games of this generation onto the next.

Four isn’t the magic number!

Recently in Japan, there’s been a little bit of speculation over a piece of old cultural superstition about the name “PlayStation 4” and how it might have a totally different name to avoid the number “4”. For those who might not understand this terribly well, one to four in Japanese goes like this…
Ichi (One)
Ni (Two)
San (Three)
Shin (Four)
Looks fine right? Well there’s a problem with the name of number four, Shin, as it also mean death in Japanese. Over the course of Japanese history, people in Japan avoid using the the real word “Shin” and replace it with “excepted slang” for the number four, which are “Shi” and “Yol”. In some cases people in Japan even use the English “four” to prevent using “Shin” to say death. Think of it as an Eastern version of our superstition towards the number thirteen.
This is one of the reason why the Japanese are more supportive towards the Orbis name rather than PlayStation 4. OK it’s not quite PlayStation Shin, or even PlayStation Shi or PlayStation Yol; but the Japanese in general just have a silly little fear about their number four. But what makes the whole “Shin” word silly is that it has many other meanings rather than just the number four and death, it also mean “Body”, “Heart” and “Soul”, so looking at it from a western stand point, the whole “Shin” being a scary word about death isn’t really a huge issue at all. To be honest it would make sense to call the system PlayStation 4, since every system before has been named “PlayStation” with a number after it. More on this can be read on Kotaku.