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And now for something completely different…

OK, there’s all this E3 stuff that’s happening. But Apple announced their new Mac Pro. But look at this thing!?


It looks like a coffee mug made love to a beer can and stuck Apple hardware inside it! There’s a reason why I’m falling out of love with Apple. I honestly think that Apple is trying to become a fashion statement rather than being a part of technology!

E3 Stuff Part 1


Okey doke… I was at work and the gym when most of E3 was going on for me. So I had to keep up with things when I got home. And well. There’s more XBoxOne stuff that I sort of don’t care about…

Killer Instinct

All I can say is this… Jesus. H. Christ has Rare kept this sequel for not coming out for what has felt like the longest time in history! Continue reading