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GreatBitVlog 13: They’re selling N64 Jumper Paks?


Time for some catch up, seeing as I appear to still be bad at organising this blog! In Today’s Vlog I talk about something weird I noticed today when I found a charity shop selling an N64 Jumper Pak. The thing you use in order to boot up the console, you only ever remove it if you’re installing an Expansion Pak into your system. But after a bit of talking to people on Twitter it turns out that some retailers where known to remove jumper paks out of pre-owned N64 systems!

Not only that, I talk a bit about the announced Zelda Netflix TV show, Persona 5, and an awesome modded PS1 with a model of Final Fantasy VII’s Midgar on the top of it! Continue reading

A Catch with the PlayStation 4


With the PS4 and XBox One coming out in a few weeks, Kotaku published an article on their website quoting that the PlayStation 4 will not have DLNA on it.

Now for the not quite tech savvy people out there, “What is DLNA?” Well DLNA is a network protocol that allows machines such as PCs, Roku boxes, PS3s and XBox 360s to look for media on other machines. Continue reading

Why I dislike Xbox Live…

Why do I dislike Xbox Live?
Simple, it’s a massive rip-off…
Not only that, but there are issues that I have to address about the service, the total lock down and removal of services made to you when you stop your Xbox Live subscription. If you’re like most people with a games  console, chances are you’re treating it like a media centre and a way to view online services such as Netflix, Crackle, and maybe some TV on demand like BBC iPlayer, and 4OD. But let’s say you hardly play games online any more and you can’t afford to keep your Xbox Live subscription. You can end your subscription, but when it expires, you can’t use ANY of the Apps Xbox Live provides, despite the fact you can go over to your PC and use the same services without the need of an Xbox Live Gold account!
So many apps to download on the 360, but if you don’t have a paying subscription with Live, it’s a no go!
This annoys me, you invest money in services like Netflix, about £5 a month, and you discover that you then have to pay an extra £40 or so a year to use it on the Xbox360. Personally I find this slightly offensive. but then I notices that Destructiod mentions that Netflix will be avalible to any Xbox user over the weekend…

#Netflix on #XBox360 for non-gold subscribers for just the weekend? Unlock it for good Microsoft! destructoid.com/microsoft-grac… #notcool #noexcuse
— Great Bit Blog (@GreatBitBlog) January 31, 2013

Seriously…  for Netflix that’s free to use (after a paying subscription) on the PC, why pay ANOTHER subscription to use it on a another piece of hardware. Now granted, there are A LOT of people who use Xbox Live, but it isn’t evevyone, and that’s what bothers me. Microsoft is denying access to something you can use on the Xbox when you can just walk over to your PC and use Netflix without the need of another subscription. It’s a huge “F-You” to the customers.
And then there’s the people on Live…  Guru Larry knows this far too well!
And this is how I feel about Live, mentioned on Live… lol, Ashen got it in one shot!

So yeah, it’s not worth it people…  As I’ve said before, the Xbox 360 is pretty much a machine for people who don’t know how to put a computer together, and even then it’s not hard! So Yeah, head to Aria or NewEgg and build a PC you fools!