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The next PC I want to build!

I’ve been keeping an eye on PC gear for the last year or so, seeing what’s new and what the prices are like. Our own, Aaron “Diagamblic” Hickman built himself a PC with a bit of help from yours truly. Granted, I might not “NEED” a new PC yet. My machine that’s been going on since 2010 is doing fine, but I am a little tempted in building a new PC just like how a car enthusiast wants to own a sports car.


Nice, but no thanks…

Originally, I wanted to build a machine with multiple graphics cards to get a SLI set up. This is where you run two or three of the same graphics card and make them work together to perform better. Continue reading

Trying out Steam OS


On the 13th, Valve released their Beta version of Steam OS and Steam Machine hardware to testers. Unfortunately I wasn’t one of the lucky 300 or so people who received a high-end Steam Machine, equipped with an nVidia Titan and the beta version of the Steam Controller; basically the pad with seen, but the OLED touch screen is replaced with 4 square buttons. Continue reading

Time to droll over graphics cards.

So yeah, being a PC gamer for a few years now, I try to keep up with the latest PC tech. Graphics cards in particular. ASUS announced on Tuesday announced their latest addition to their family of NVidia Graphics cards. Not a new card, but an improvement.

Witness the ASUS NVidia GTX670 Mini!

ASUS-GTX-670-DirectCU-Mini-11 Continue reading