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The return of ToeJam & Earl!


Here’s a Kickstarter that I might support, it’s the new ToeJam & Earl game made Greg Johnson who now works at a new game studio called, Humanature Studios. Sick of the fact that a, real, sequel to the original ToeJam & Earl MegaDrive/Genesis game never came out due to publishers pushing them to change the game, Greg Johnson and Humanature Studios are now working to make a new game for the PC without the pressure for publishers telling them how to make the game; and they’re doing this by getting funding from the fans over on Kickstarter.

The game in it’s early stages look great! It looks like they took some ideas from HotHead’s DeathSpank series. It uses simplistic models and backdrops, in this case two dimensional characters, on top of a three dimensional environment that’s randomly generated, just like the original game!

By the way, Greg Johnson is doing a REALLY bad Scottish accent in this video for the random…

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HDmy Boy. The HDMI mod for your DMG-01 GameBoy


Here’s a pretty cool mod that brings your good old DMG-01 brick GameBoy into the 21st century and adds modern HDMI to it. A company called Current Cake is working on the mod, which is simply a circuit board that sandwiches itself between the front and back half the GameBoy. All you do is open up the GameBoy, detach the video ribbon cable from the motherboard, and put the HDmy Boy in its place. Later models will allow you to reattach the GameBoy video ribbon cable back to the HDmy Boy, allowing you to still use the screen for portable, away from the TV fun.

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Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse has a release date!


The first Kickstarter that I supported was Revolution’s Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse. With much waiting and patience it’s finally coming out on the 4th of December! But there’s a little catch, due to time restrictions and workload, Revolution is going to release The Serpent’s Curse in two parts. The first as I said, on the 4th of December, and the second part some time in January. Continue reading

Anyone seen this game yet?


I noticed this game on Steam Green Light called The Fall. It’s a Cinematic Platformer, similar to Limbo and Another World, where you control the artificial intelligence of a cybernetic suit that it’s owner has become unconscious. With the AI now controlling the suit with a sleeping host inside it, you have to explore and find yourself a way to get off the planet that you have fallen on. Continue reading

I can’t keep up with Blogs can I?

Yeah…  sorry about the week hiatus. Trying to keep up with the damn blog and keep getting busy or procrastinate! So… What have my readers missed out on…

New Batman Arkham game

Oh… boy, looks like I’m going to avoid this game like the plague. Surprisingly though it’s not being developed by Rocksteady, rather it’s being done by Warner Bros. RockSteady have mentioned that some of their staff are working with Warner Bros to help out with the development. But I already know that this game with have another anticlimactic ending like the other two…  So moving on…

Another Disney Game HD Remake!?

Oh you betcha! This time Disney has teamed up with Sega to recreate Castle of Illusion for Current generation consoles. I hope this turns out to be as good as the original. Though to be honest looking at the pictures they do look a little bit “too different” unlike the faithful looking Duck Tails.

That XCom game getting re-branded!

Yeah, remember a while back when 2K Marin announced a First Person XCom game based in 1950s America? Well if you haven’t noticed the game’s been delayed many, many times… Not to mention the unless amount of XCom fans hating the game’s FPS gameplay. But it was announced that the game’s going to be re-branded as “The Bureau”, and it’ll now have nothing to do with the XCom franchise. Personally I think that’s a shame, I loved the video they showed back in 2010 with it’s fifties Americana style. I mean come on! When’s the last time you played an FPS set in fifties American suburbia!? At least the game have some life left in it, even if the game might not be a part of the XCom franchise any more.

Star Fox Art Book available to look at online?!

Back in the nineties, Nintendo released an awesome art book-stroke-manga on Star Fox. Drawn by Star Fox’s original artist, Benimaru Itoh, it’s an awesome book that features a Manga Comic, and graphic illustrations for Arwings and many other vehicles in the game. The catch was back then it was only released in Japan, and only in short print. Website GlitterBerri has a translation of the Manga portion of the book here. Whilst the whole book can be seen, but in Japanese, at StarFox-online.

Guns of Icarus Online Expansion on Kickstarter!?

Whoo…  I think that’s about it for today! Though I will end this blog with mentioning that my favourite online game; Guns of Icarus Online, is getting a Kickstarter for it’s “Adventure Mode” expansion pack that puts an MMORPG element into the team based Air ship game. The Kickstarter has already beaten it’s first goal of $60K, and it will soon beat it’s new target of $100K! So if you want to add adventure to your Guns of Icarus Online game, go and help them out with a $30 pledge! 🙂

Why you should play Beneath a Steel Sky!

Beneath a Steel Sky was Revolution Software’s second game, a point and click adventure set in a dystopian future. Revolution Software are known more for their Broken Sword series, but before that franchise came to be, they made Lure of the Temptress, and Beneath a Steel Sky. Lure of the Temptress was okay, but Beneath a Steel is possibly the best game that Revolution made, people even consider it better than the Broken Sword series!
So, what’s so special about this game anyway? Not only do I love this game, but it’s a Point and Click Adventure game that has an amazing plot and story line. In short, the story goes that the world has been devastated by nuclear war, and there are only a handful of areas where people can survive. The young Robert loses his family in a helicopter crash, where he was the only survivor. Adopted by a group of people that live in “The Gap”, an area of waste land that isn’t radiated, he’s taught to hunt for himself and live off the land. Later in his adulthood, a group of people from a nearby city are looking for Robert and escort him away from the The Gap and treated as a criminal for a crime you’re not aware of, but it turns out that the chopper you’re in crashes too, and again you survive, leg it out of crash site, and make it into a Robot manufacturing plant as seen above. Not only that, but later on in the game you have a vendetta to make with a Mr. Reich, as he dropped a nuclear bomb on The Gap, killing your adopted family. And you discover the secrets behind Robert’s real blood relatives and how they were a part of a system called LINC.

The art was done by Dave Gibbons, the artist who drew the illustrations for the Watchmen comic book series; these are noticeable in the game’s cutscenes. The iOS version of Beneath a Steel Sky Remastered features more cutscenes that were drawn by Dave Gibbons that gives the game it’s high contrast comic book feel, even more so than it’s original PC and Amiga versions.

The CD-ROM version of the game features voice acting from the Royal Shakespeare Company, which is funny and most of the voice acting sound like British xenophobes attempting to sound American and/or Australian, however, the voice actor for Robert Foster, actual sounds genuine for his role, and doesn’t sound like a fool pulling off a silly accent.

The gameplay is pretty much like an other point and click adventure affair where you solve puzzles and problems to progress. However in this game you can get killed in different ways, and you have to start over from a save point. If you, or anyone else have played and beat the game, you know what I mean with the picture above about what happens next when Robert moves over to the next screen on the right! The game has a few awesome moments where you say to yourself “Did that REALLY happen!?”

I just really love this adventure game to the point where I can clearly say it’s the best adventure game. And with a new renaissance in adventure games with the likes of TellTale releasing new Sam and Max games, it really is worth getting hold of this game. Not only that, but Beneath a Steel Sky on the PC was made into Freeware/Abandonware in 2003 to show off SCUMMVM, a Virtual Machine for SCUMM based games, Beneath a Steel Sky used SCUMM as it’s engine. So you can legally download SCUMMVM and Beneath a Steel Sky for the nice price of free! However, if you wish to support Revoltuion, there’s the Remastered Edition of the game on iOS for £1.99.

Oh but that’s not all, back in 2004, Revolution announced that they were thinking of developing for Beneath a Steel Sky. However they ended up making two sequels for the Broken Sword Series: Sleeping Dragon and Angel of Darkness. BUT… Recently with Revolution’s Kickstarter campaign for Broken Sword 5, they announced that if they earned one million dollars from the fans, they will work on Beneath a Steel Sky 2! However the Kickstarter ended at $820000, but according to Eurogamer in September, Revolution are going ahead with Beneath a Steel Sky 2, despite not hitting the 1 million dollar target. Hey! I’m pumped! And so should you dear readers!

Before I end this blog, all I have to say is…

Be Vigilant