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Let’s Play Boss!

Here’s an interesting one; a brand new shmup for the Atari 2600! This is Boss, and it’s being made by Twin Galaxies high scorer Dave Vogt. He’s running an IndieGoGo campaign where, if the campaign succeeds, you can get this game on an actual Atari 2600 cart, and a mobile edition of the game. Continue reading

2015: A New Year. A New Fake Console!


Happy New Year everyone! It’s 2015, a new year for everyone to do their new years resolutions, a time to start afresh! However when I turned my PC on this morning, I was greeted to the Hero Station on Twitter, and I kept seeing this thing once every 20 minutes from retweet bots, who I now don’t follow any more! But hey, there’s a new console that’s meant to bring Virtual reality out in a big way… ¬†Even if we know about the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus…

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That ZX Spectrum Vega did pretty well didn’t it?


I’ll admit, when I saw the ZX Spectrum Vega IndieGoGo Campaign page, I didn’t think it was all that great. I had two issues with it. One it doesn’t have a full keyboard, and two it feels very NeoGeo Gold X-ish, the¬†portable NeoGeo that didn’t do so well that had it’s BIOS on a freaking MicroSD card! These were the reasons why I was hesitant to post a blog about it when it was announced on Monday. However, this happened…


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