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Super Podcast Land Episode 0: GameBoys and GameBoobs?


The pilot of Super Podcast Land is now out! I’m very excited to release this as I’m now getting back into the swings of podcasting! This is the GreatBitBlog’s Monthly Portable gaming podcast; ranging from Game & Watches to PlayStation Vitas, if it fits in your hands and runs on a battery, we’re talking about it! In this month’s episode, Dave, Vince and I talk about our own personal history with our GameBoys and other portable consoles, talk about our favourite original GameBoy game, get a bit side tracked into GameCube and Pokemon, before finishing off talking about Senran Kagura on the PS Vita!


I want to thank Dave and Vince for being my co-hosts for this great new podcast! I want to give a big shout out to Zackery Wilson who aloud me to use his awesome, Ain’t Got Time to Bleep, track for the intro of the podcast!

The End of Club Nintendo


I received a message this morning from Whatsapp that Nintendo is going to be discontinuing Club Nintendo in September this year. Back in 2002, UK Nintendo owners could join up to VIP 24:7, which changed it’s name to it’s Japanese, Club Nintendo, in 2007. Nintendo included codes in their games and consoles, when submitted to the Club Nintendo site you earn points, these points could then be redeemed for things like games, Wii Shop points and merchandise. I managed to get myself a Zelda Bonus disc, and I got a copy of the Game & Watch collection on the DS from Vipp. He was awesome to give me his spare copy!

Here is what the statement says. Continue reading