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Play Blackpool 2015

Sorry for the lack of content recently. I’ve been a little under the weather due to some financial problems I’ve had. Because of this I’ve had to go back to full time working on my day job, and I won’t be blogging as much as I used to compared to how I was at the beginning of the year.

Receiving my pay cheque as a full timer again at my day job, I was able to afford to head over to Blackpool with the British IBM’s Adrian Killins, Mike and Scott from Retro Gaming Roundup, and forum members, Random Dave, UK Neil and Ben Jones.

gallery-Norbreck_Castle-Print-1500 x 1004 Norbreck Castle External.jpg

Play Blackpool is situated in Norbreck Castle. A pretty bad looking hotel shaped as a castle on the coast. Thing is, it’s not the looks, but it’s what’s in the venue that counts. Continue reading

Retro Night 22/August/14

The Centre of Computing History had another Retro Night, and I helped out the guys with our “Play Every Mario Kart Here” room!


All eight Mario Kart games was here. From SNES to WiiU!

10548238_916883188327323_5912786418508659904_o Continue reading

More fun at the Centre of Computing History!

A bit late, but at least I’m not forgetting about it!¬†Over the last weekend I helped Jason and the Centre of Computing History¬†folk with the British Gaming, Past, Present and Future event. It started off on Friday with a Retro gaming night!


Typically with these events, I host tournaments! Being the British gaming Past, Present and Future Event, I picked Golden Eye 007 on the N64, developed by RareWare in 1997. Continue reading

Retro Night at the Centre of Computer History!

Aidy from the British IBM and I hosted a party yesterday at the Centre of Computer History, or just the Computer Museum as I like to call it, where a group of 50 gamers get to rekindle their gaming childhoods with systems of old, a couple of current systems too, whilst drinking beer and eating burgers! So here’s some photos of the event!


A Rare Japanese Toys ‘R’ Us gold Nintendo 64 and controllers. I always wondered why we got gold controllers but not a gold console…


It was dark and quiet before the event began… Continue reading

Retro Revival Live Blog for Sunday

[liveblog]Okie doke, it’s Sunday Morning, and Revival has begun again. I got prepared and put my business cards out, and I took some RetroGaming Roundup leaflets and put those out too. So physical spamming of other people’s web sites too! LOL. Today, there will be an event for Bedrooms to Billions, and there will be a Super Smash Bros tourney. So I’ll keep everyone updated.

Retro Revival 2013 live blog

[liveblog]Well I got onto the train at 6am and I’m crazy tired. Not only did I my tickets last night and find them at 1am, but getting on the train was crazy as the doors slammed onto my rucksack (backpack to my American readers). So yeah. Doors eatting my bag and practically left the station a minute after arriving! I’ll be posting more as I get there.

[liveblog]12:54 It appears I can’t figure out how to use WordPress’ Live Blog functions, hopefully it’ll update, I will have no idea though. Anyway, It’s pretty damn awesome, it’s loud and fun. What’s been awesome is to be able to play the games I want to play, even though it’s not as big in size as PlayExpo. I played a fair amount of Phoenix and Scramble without needing to wait a minute. Unfortunatly there’s no Galaga, well there is, but it’s in a MAME cab that isn’t working.

What’s awesome though was that the RetroLords held a Warlords tornement, and guess who’s in the finals! ME!!!! WHAHAHA! SO awesome! I picked up a few games too, though as you can imagine most of vendors here are selling at a high price, which is predictable being an expo and all.

Enjoy the pictures I took!