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Let’s talk about the Nintendo Switch!

Today, Nintendo finally showed off what their Codename: NX is. It turns out to be a machine named the Nintendo Switch; and as predicted many months ago, it’s a console/portable hybrid system with a detachable controller.

I go over some things such as the controllers that the system has, such as the Joy-Cons (the detachable controllers), the Joy-Con Grip, and the Switch Pro Controller (which I don’t like). I made a few pointers, such as the next Mario game (that I called Super Mario Fiesta) has a two player mode, and that no one is touching the screen, meaning that this system might not use a touch screen at all.

Go ahead and put your opinions about the Nintendo Switch in the comments below!

The Nintendo NX is being revealed today!


After much anticipation for the reveal of Nintendo’s next console, the Code-name: NX. Nintendo has announced this morning that the NX, or what is the NX, will be shown off today at 15:00 GMT. Continue reading

2015: A New Year. A New Fake Console!


Happy New Year everyone! It’s 2015, a new year for everyone to do their new years resolutions, a time to start afresh! However when I turned my PC on this morning, I was greeted to the Hero Station on Twitter, and I kept seeing this thing once every 20 minutes from retweet bots, who I now don’t follow any more! But hey, there’s a new console that’s meant to bring Virtual reality out in a big way…  Even if we know about the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus…

Continue reading

My weekend with the Ouya…


So I got myself an Ouya, and over the weekend I’ve been playing a lot of this machine. Some good stuff, some bad stuff.  But what do I think about this £99 console? Well… Why do we have to pay more for this! In the states it costs $99, but $99 is not £99, it’s £65! But talking about price, I’ll explain how this might get a little more pricey than expected depending on where you get it from. Let me explain… Continue reading

To Ouya it is!



So I went into a GAME store today, and I asked the guy at the till if they were getting any Ouyas on Friday. It turns out that they already had two consoles available. The guy even wanted to sell me one a day before the official launch in the UK, which is pretty crazy considering that if this was a PS4 they wouldn’t dare sell one until the launch day. Unfortunately I have no money, but I’m going to get paid tomorrow, so they were cool to reserve one for me for tomorrow. The only issue I have is that not only do I not have a HDMI capture card with a HDCP decrypter, the Ouya doesn’t have any analogue video outputs, so I won’t be able to stream the console onto Twitch. Which is a shame. But yeah, I’m going to be getting an Ouya tomorrow!

To Ouya, or not to Ouya…?


…That is the question!

Thing is, I’ve been looking at the Ouya since it was announced on KickStarter. And the Ouya Company did an awesome job to promote it, get it noticed, and make a crap ton of money before it even got released. So an applause to them big time. But here’s the problem, even when I stared at the KickStarter page like it was the second coming of Christ, I didn’t back it. Yeah, I’m one of those idiots who love the look of something on KickStarter and then never support said product or project. Continue reading