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PlayStation Vita… TV?


Well this is certainly interesting… I thought this was a joke, kinda like how Nintendo announced the 2DS, which I still need to blog about. But as I’m typing this as it appear on Kotaku, let me say that the last few weeks have been totally barmy in the console industry as Sony and Microsoft release their next generation consoles! Get your straight jackets and enter a world of insanity that makes total sense!?

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Competition Winner…

So, who won my competition to get a copy of XCOM: Enemy Unknown on Steam…?
This guy!
I read @greatbitblog because of the possible Prizes!
— PogoWolf (@pogowolf) March 21, 2013
At least he’s honest right? lol
@pogowolf, send me an email to greatbitblog[at]live.co.uk and give me your steam name so I can send you the game and thanks for participating!

Win a copy of XCOM: Enemy Unknown!

Yup, I received a free copy of XCOM Enemy Unknown on Steam to give away to my readers! But how do you win a copy of this fine strategy game? Here are the rules!
Hop over to Twitter and tweet…

“I read @GreatBitBlog because…”

Finish the tweet with a good reason and you might have a chance to win a copy of XCOM Enemy Unknown on Steam!
  • You must own a Steam account, if not, set one up over here…
  • Before Tweeting, be sure that the game will work on your PC, if you’re unsure, click here to check out the PC requirements before submitting.
  • You can only tweet the phrase once.
  • You cannot enter if you already own XCOM Enemy Unknown on your Steam account.
  • Tweets must be sent before 11:59pm GMT on the 29th of March.
So, have fun guys! I hope to see what you can come up with! 😀