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Hold the Press! It’s Word Press time!

So yeah, after a few issues I had with Google Blogger’s domain take over “thing”. Honestly I wish I knew the real term for it. But to put it in terms if I wanted to continue using Google Blogger I wouldn’t be able to use the rest of a hosting plan that I got with the domain name. Meaning that the forum I had planned wouldn’t work as the “Google Domain takeover” as I call it would refuse to look at files on my new host. But noticing that my web host can provide WordPress to me as a part of the price that I’m paying for, plus a WordPress app that allows me to transfer my Google Blogger articles to my new and shiny WordPress account on my own .com. I’ve decided to retire using Blogger and use WordPress instead.

Bare in mind that at the moment it’s not quite the same in design as the old blog, and I’ll have to work on it to get it back to how I had it on Blogger; it’s just not going to be instant. I honestly thought this whole domain name stuff was going to be easy peasy; clearly it isn’t!

GreatBitBlog now has a Domain name! (at last…)


Oh yeah! Ladies and Gents! Despite being mega lazy with my blog recently, I have now purchased a domain name for my blog, and now I have a .com! So yeah! Awesome! Time to get serious now and work more on blogs! :O

Oh yeah, here’s the official Greatbitblog QR code, print it out and spam the real world with it!