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Interesting things about a dull game I once owned…


When I was younger, and the internet didn’t exist, or at least was in it’s infancy and all you really had to know about video games were from TV and magazines. One way to get your game noticed is to attach it to a franchise that people, kids in this, will notice. Heck the first video game I ever played was Atari Star Wars, so a franchise got me into playing video games! However there’s a catch to these, not all games based on franchises turn out good. I didn’t really own any terribly bad games as a kid, but one game comes to mind as one of the most dull games I ever owned on my childhood format of choice, the GameBoy. This game was We’re Back; a game based on the movie and story book of the same name. The movie was animated by a studio called Amblimation. The studio was funded by Steven Speilburg, and would eventually become Dream Works. Under the Amblimation name, they made the great An American Tail: Fievel Goes West that grossed a huge 65 million dollars. However, We’re Back only grossed a miserly 9 million dollars, because of this We’re Back was only officially released in cinemas in the US.

So how does a Brit like me know about this film?  Continue reading