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Let’s Play Boss!

Here’s an interesting one; a brand new shmup for the Atari 2600! This is Boss, and it’s being made by Twin Galaxies high scorer Dave Vogt. He’s running an IndieGoGo campaign where, if the campaign succeeds, you can get this game on an actual Atari 2600 cart, and a mobile edition of the game. Continue reading

A game I really want to play: Heiankyo Alien


A game I really want to try out on real arcade hardware is a little unknown to most gamers. Heiankyo Alien; A Japanese only release, with only a port on the GameBoy that got to the US. A lot of people don’t know the real importance that Heiankyo Alien gave to the gaming industry.

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Vlog Number 5: Gauntlet, Smash Bros, and a new Microphone.


Hey there peeps, I haven’t vlogged in a while. Work has been insane for me recently as new university students coming in wanting a lot of stuff and multiplying sales like crazy. But this isn’t about my work, this is about games! I got Gauntlet, awesome game, I’m hoping to review it soon. I got Smash Bros for 3DS, great game, the 3DS controls might not be the best, but it’s awesome to have Smash on a portable. I got a new microphone, meaning you’ll hear my voice with much higher fidelity than before. So sit back and enjoy looking at my worn out face!

Have you been playing the new Smash Bros Game? Do you enjoy the new Gauntlet? Tell me about in the comments below!

Review for Yars’ Revenge on Atari 2600

Want to know what my favourite game is on the Atari 2600?

Yars' Revenge (1982) (Atari)

It’s Yars’ Revenge. It’s one of those shmups that tried to be port of another game, Star Castle, but became it’s own game due to programmers not being able to port the arcade game to the 2600. Yars’ Revenge is a rather unique game in the fact that there’s not really another game like it. To explain this game, you play as Yar, an insect alien floating in space, being attacked by the Qotile and it’s relentless homing destroyer missile. The idea is that the Qotile is surrounded by a shield that parts can removed by either shooting at it, or eating chunks out of it. once you expose the Qotile, whilst avoiding the homing destroyer missile. There’s a scrambled coloured bar a little left from the middle of the screen, this is the neutral zone. If you hide inside this, the destroyer missile can not hurt you, but you can not shoot whilst inside the neutral zone. Continue reading

The newest member of my gaming family…

Binatone (1)

OK, OK, I do slag off console gaming a bit, but on today’s travels to the car boot sale I found this baby! A Binatone Colour TV Game Mk6! Whilst I was there I had a peek to make sure if it was complete, the light gun was there and intact with it’s removable front sight, the manual on the other hand was missing, and the power supply was missing too. The seller was asking for £8 for it, honestly I thought that was a bit much considering there’s no PSU, but I noticed it used a 9 volt input with a 3.5mm jack for power; the same fitting as what an Atari 2600 would use. I said £7, he accepted, and I took this baby home. Continue reading

The best way to review EVER!

I’ve been really bad at keeping up with my blog, plus I kinda stole this from Kotaku. But here’s an awesome way to review a game! Write a script that’s the game review, eat one hell of a hot pepper, then read said review, film it and stick it up on Youtube! I swear this is better than reading any IGN review in the last 8 years!

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A surprise from the post!

Good ole’ FocusRS was awesome enough to pick up a copy of limited run Intellivision Lives on the DS. However he teased me a little about a “surprise” in the package. What felt like the longest time ever, actually it was two weeks, I received the package right after I did a podcast with Jeremy, and here it is!


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An Atari 2800 has been found!

Yup, Sean from FamicomBlog has managed to get himself a super rare Atari 2800; The Japanese Atari 2600. He paid a pretty penny for it, so it better be worth it! Then again he has an old TV to play it on, so it will be!

Atari 2800 Click on the image to see the blog post.