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My new favourite YouTube channel.


I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos recently and I discovered a YouTube Channel called Lazy Game Reviews. A YouTube channel that focuses on retro computing and PC gaming.

Clint, the host of LGR, does a few different shows on his Youtube Channel.

This one is OddWare, a show where he reviews and demonstrates obsolete¬†hardware. In this episode he shows of an optical mouse that was released back in the eighties! Who’d thought there was such a thing as optical mice in the eighties! Well, Clint discovered one, and it requires a special reflective mouse pad and a nine volt power supply for it to work. Continue reading

And now for something completely different…

OK, there’s all this E3 stuff that’s happening. But Apple announced their new Mac Pro. But look at this thing!?


It looks like a coffee mug made love to a beer can and stuck Apple hardware inside it! There’s a reason why I’m falling out of love with Apple. I honestly think that Apple is trying to become a fashion statement rather than being a part of technology!