STR 70: Gentlemen, Start Your PC Engines!

In this episode Issac joins us and we talk about Turbographx and PC Engine games and game development. Socal Mike tells us more about his upcoming cartridge based video game system coming to Kick-starter in March. We talk about our recent pickups and games we have been playing. In the Intarivisions segment the guys talk about the game Dragonfire.

STR Sexty-Nine: Year In Review

In this episode we talk about the year 2014 and all of the retro events that shaped it. We rundown the games we played the most this year and do our best to not make jokes about the number sixty-nine. In the Retro Stalking segment Willie goes to Evansville, Indiana and checks out an awesome Super Mega Replay store. Then in our final segment the Intarivisions crew talk about the game Beamrider! and vote on what is the best version to play.

Since you have already broken most of your New Years Resolutions…why not break another by listening to the latest episode of Stalking The Retro!

STR 68: The Fall of Sega/Homeless In Japan

In this episode we talk about my recent trip to Japan, The fall of the great Sega, Christmas memories, the 20th Anniversary of the PlayStation One, games we have picked up and much much more! As a special Christmas gift you will also get to hear exclusively the premiere episode of the awesome new podcast Intarivisions.

So grab a cup of rum tainted eggnog and listen to the latest episode of Stalking The Retro whilst wrapping your presents!

STR 67: The Rise of Sega.

In this episode our new co-host Mike Kennedy aka Socal Mike joins us as we talk about the rise of the great Sega. We talk about Sega history, games we have been playing, our recent pickups, and much much more. This episode has two Retro Stalking segments. One with Mike at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo and one with Septic Lemon at a car boot sale. We also talk about the latest retro news and Mike reveals some awesome new projects he’s currently working on. So why not grab yourself a cold can of beer and listen to the latest episode of Stalking The Retro!

STR 66: Hot Curry In My Lap

In this episode we totally rip off Retro Gaming Roundup (We love that podcast!) by doing our own Top Ten. We decide and vote on what are the top ten games to get hammered to. We talk about our gaming pickups and games we have been playing lately and introduce a new segment called Retro Stalking. In the segment Socal Mike talks to Willie whilst at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo as he searches for some retro goodies. We have the audio from the Jay Smith Panel at CGE 2014 (Thanks Willie! )and we round up the top retro news stories for the month and much much more! 

Your Retro games are not safe with us!