St. Patrick’s Day Gaming Goodness!


As mentioned in yesterday’s blog. is running a promotion for St. Patrick’s Day called the “Luck of the Irish” where not only you can get up to a 90% discount on selected games; there’s a Pot Of Gold SKU where you can get a random game not on the selected discounted games list. To get the deal you must select 5 games to get the games at the discounted price, and the Pots of Gold cost $2 each. Yesterday I picked just one Pot of Gold where I got a copy of Alien Shooter 1.


I challenged people on Twitter to grab five pots of gold to get five random games for $10. Here’s what I got from my five random games.


I got Avernum: The Complete Saga, a tactical RPG made to look like an old school PC RPG. Not totally my bag, but I’ll try it out. Geneforge 1-5, another RPG that’s similar to Avernum, again, not totally the kind of game I would go crazy for, but it would be interesting to try it out. Then I got ittle Dew, this is a Zelda clone that appeared on the Ouya before its PC release. It got rated fairly well on the Ouya customer rating system, so from the sounds of things, it’s a decent Zelda clone. Aqua Kitty, a Defender like Sh’mup where you’re underwater, protecting milk pumps (oddly milk is like oil in this game, it’s pumped from under the sea…) from robotic fish with large teeth. I got this game on Steam, but I now have a DRM-free version of the game! Finally I got Giana Sisters Rise of the Owlverlord, the sequel to Twisted Dreams. I’ve been putting off getting this game mainly because I didn’t get very far in the first game; but now I got the sequel on the cheap, which is a good thing, maybe I should boot it up again and try to beat it!

In general, I got a decent pile of games from this “Picked by Random” sale. personally I wish I got the other Alien Shooter games, Doomdark’s Revenge and/or the newly release Tower of Guns game. But the games I got are not terribly bad, at least it’s a few RPGs I can try and see if I can get into them. Personally I never really got into PC RPGs very well apart from Legend of Grimrock, which is a great dungeon crawler RPG. Maybe I should try out these two collections of RPGs and see what they’re like before putting my nose up at them.